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About Glitter Live Wallpaper

The most exciting Glitter Live Wallpaper is here! We made this multi color glitter live wallpaper for the joy of color loving people. We added a parallax effect to make it look like a true 3D glitter effect and the result is a 3D sparkling glitter live wallpaper that you will love from the first sight.

Just move your phone with your hand in any direction and you will see all the little sparkles oscillate in a shining multicolor glitter effect like small glitter stars.

This cute glitter live wallpaper comes with many different wallpapers to choose from. All the glittering live wallpaper adapts to both smartphones and tablets.

Among all you will find a diamond glitter live wallpaper, silver glitter live wallpaper, gold glitter live wallpaper, blue glitter live wallpaper, black glitter live wallpaper, rainbow glitter live wallpaper, silver glitter live wallpaper, pink glitter live wallpaper.

You can apply the multi color glitter live wallpaper as a diamond glitter lock screen also. Among all effects, the diamond glitter effect, the gold glitter live wallpaper, the rainbow glitter and the silver glitter live wallpaper effects are the most magical. If you are a girl, you will find this glitter live wallpaper for girls is suitable for you.

This app will be a source of awe for anyone searching for a glamour live wallpaper, or a glamour glittering effect, a multi color glitter, a gold and glitter effect or a rainbow glittering live wallpaper.

Try it now and enjoy all the shiny sparkles!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Glitter Live Wallpaper?

Glitter Live Wallpaper is a multi-color wallpaper that adds a 3D sparkling glitter effect to your phone or tablet screen.

How does Glitter Live Wallpaper work?

Glitter Live Wallpaper uses a parallax effect to create the illusion of a 3D glitter effect. When you move your phone, the little sparkles on the wallpaper will move in a shining multicolor glitter effect.

Can I choose different wallpapers for Glitter Live Wallpaper?

Yes, Glitter Live Wallpaper comes with many different wallpapers to choose from. You can select a diamond glitter, silver glitter, gold glitter, blue glitter, black glitter, rainbow glitter, or pink glitter wallpaper.

Can I use Glitter Live Wallpaper as a lock screen?

Yes, you can apply the multi-color glitter live wallpaper as a lock screen, specifically the diamond glitter effect, gold glitter effect, rainbow glitter effect, or silver glitter effect.

Is Glitter Live Wallpaper suitable for girls?

Yes, if you are a girl, you will find this glitter live wallpaper suitable for you. It offers a glamorous and sparkly look that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves glitter and sparkles.

Who would enjoy Glitter Live Wallpaper?

Anyone who is searching for a glamorous live wallpaper, a glittering effect, a multi-color glitter wallpaper, or a rainbow glittering live wallpaper would enjoy Glitter Live Wallpaper.

How can I try Glitter Live Wallpaper?

You can try Glitter Live Wallpaper now by downloading the app and enjoying all the shiny sparkles on your screen.
I love it✔✔✔✔✔
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Love the choices and the quality is great 👍
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