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About Wallety - Budget Tracker

Wallety is a market leading personal transactions and finance manager, built to help you save money, plan for the future, and see all your finances in one place. With Wallety you can track your daily transactions automatically and dive into weekly reports and charts. Wallety can be your personal manager which can help you get your finances under control from the beginning. It allows you plan your shopping, and create your own budget planer anywhere, any time. It is secure fast and easy to Handel.

➡️ It's simple to record your income and expenses.

➡️ Manage your own transactions in the fastest way.

➡️ Moneybox is your personal budget manager, where to Control and plan your own personal saving plan.

➡️ Collected Personal data will be saved only in the local storage to improve and insure the privacy of every user.

➡️ Automatic generation of money recorder statistics.

Main features in this app:

* account settings: Easy and editable account settings.

*App Color: display colors is available in dark theme.

*Transactions: Income and expense recorder, perfect money manager tracker.

*Moneybox: Sett your own budget line and track your saving plan. Furthermore, You can set the start and end date.

* Money balance calculator: The balance can be automatically calculated and displayed in your account.

* illustrative statistics: Further Money statistics charts and reports will be generated automatically and you can follow the trend of expenses, incomes, transactions and moneybox by defining the dates yourself.

* Multi categories: Detailed Classification and modification of the categories needed. in the budget app like add, delete or rename.

*Multicurrency: Wallety supports various currencies and show real-time exchange rates which provides comfort of use.

*Personalization: Manage your own Record, view or edit of previous records is possible.

* Local storage: backup and recovery of all the personal data will be available only in the local server to secure every user data privacy.

wallety can be used completely for free Or pay for it to upgrade to ViP to get access to further features. With waletty you can starts taking control of your personal finance and monthly budget planning.

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