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About Wallbox

Welcome to the latest version of managing your WallBox charging station.
Get connected to your charge point. View the availability, charging speed and added range.
With a Wallbox Charger you will always have control of the electricity provided to your EV.

Charging your car and viewing the charging logs has never been so easy!

-Realtime information about the status of the connection
-Realtime information of your electrical grid
-Realtime information on the speed of charge, charging time and instant speed
-See your vehicle’s added range (km)
-See your vehicle’s added battery (kWh)
-Remote control of the charger with lock/unlock Commands
-Remote control of the charging speed
-View your charging logs, consumption, added km, cost and added battery via your Account Homepage
-Wear OS - compatible. Try Wallbox app in your Wear OS Smartwatch

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do with the Wallbox Charger?

With the Wallbox Charger, you can view the availability, charging speed, and added range of your electric vehicle. You can also remotely control the charger and view charging logs and consumption.

What features does the Wallbox Charger offer?

The Wallbox Charger offers real-time information about the status of the connection, your electrical grid, charging speed, charging time, and instant speed. You can also see your vehicle's added range and battery, and remotely control the charger with lock/unlock commands. Additionally, you can view your charging logs, consumption, added km, cost, and added battery through your account homepage. The Wallbox app is also compatible with Wear OS smartwatches.
Amazing app! They are just getting better and better
Héctor Marfull
Nice, I use it every day, is easy!
Ezequiel M
Fantastic app amd easy to use.
Chris Kelly
The best way to charge my car. Simple and functional. 👍
Víctor Falcón
Very good to control everything about charging your electric vehicle.
Se Al
Con las últimas actualizaciones están solucionando bugs importantes y el tiempo de carga y actualización del software de cargador es cada vez más rápida. La recomiendo, sin duda.
David Mora Gonzálbez