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About Autel Charge - EV Charging

The Autel Charge application optimizes the charging experience at home or on the road. The advantages of our intelligent charging solutions for home use include:
• Scan the QR code on your home charger to streamline the setup and configuration process.
• Link Autel charge card to start and stop charging via it.
• Fast and convenient charging via the Autostart feature.
• Schedule charging sessions during off-peak times to reduce electricity costs.
• View real-time charging statistics including: Power usage, energy costs, charging amperage, charge duration and much more!
• View monthly energy consumption details.
• Set your local energy prices to calculate charging costs using home chargers.
• Distribute charging power evenly within a charger group to maximize charging efficiency within limited total charging power via dynamic load balancing.
• Fast and convenient self-service invoicing for reimbursement of charging costs.

When on the road, the Autel Charge application offers the following features:
• Start and stop charging using your Autel Charge card or by scanning the QR code on the public charger.
• Displays the availability status of public chargers on the map. (available, in-use, out of order, etc.)
• Filter chargers displayed on the map by desired connector types.
• Filter by required charging power on the map.
• View site information within the map including pictures, address, energy prices, hours of operation, quantity of chargers and connectors.
• Navigate to a desired site using the integrated navigation map.
• Link your credit card to streamline the payment process using public chargers.
• Scan QR code to start and stop the charger with just one tap.

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