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About Grim wanderings

Second part is in development. Preview is available in youtube

The game also available in STEAM:

Review from Hardcore Droid:

Oldschool turn-based roguelike rpg

You will explore randomly generated maps, filled with exciting events, participate in tactical battles and make strategic decisions. The game features about 500 different creatures, several hundred events and a huge number of artifacts and potions

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Great Game playing Part two now
Judah Garcia
Super fun
Levi Askins
Gives me disciples 2 nostalgia.
Filip Nikolic
I enjoy it. I still have to play more to appreciate locations in the game I haven't discovered yet.
Rabid Rooster
The worst problems about this game is that there isn't enough storyline for each race and that you're class/race locked for your main character. There are over 10 unique, playable races with many of them hav...
Est Val
I bought Grim Wanderings 2, and then thought I'd check this out, and ended up buying this also. Each game is unique, and provides deep, atmospheric game play.