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About Voxist: Visual voicemail you can read

Voxist is an intelligent voicemail that replaces your carrier’s inefficient voicemail. Delight callers with customized greetings and save time by reading transcribed voicemail messages. Access messages on your phone or via email, so you never miss out.

Voxist is a free voicemail app that’s really simple to navigate, so you can manage all of your business and personal voicemail efficiently. In a meeting? On the train or in a car? With another client? Read your voicemail instead of listening to it!


Get all your voicemail in one screen, and in one click, listen to that important one.

Read your voicemails in more than 70 different languages with our reliable, high-quality voicemail transcription service.

Delight your clients & friends and with voicemail greetings created by you just for them. Discourage unwanted spam from leaving a message, by creating a greeting that lets them know they are not welcome.

Record your greetings or write them. Our patented technology can even automatically greet your caller by name!

Receive audio and voicemail transcriptions in your email so you can access from anywhere and easily share voicemail with others. Add as many email accounts as you like!

No voicemail storage limits. Voxist continuously captures all of your voicemails, ensuring your callers will never ever hear “this voicemail is full.”

Don’t stress about voicemails disappearing unless you chose to delete them. Many plans delete voicemails after a certain amount of time, but Voxist saves them forever.

Receive mobile and email notifications when you receive a new voicemail so no important messages go unnoticed.

Always enjoy an ad-free experience, whether you’re a paid or free subscriber!

Users have described us as a visual voicemail on steroids - especially practical for business voicemail, people who handle a large volume of calls, and those who would like to address callers differently and uniquely.

Our offers:

- Voxist Free
• unlimited visual Voicemail for 1 number;
• 10 transcriptions per month;
• Voicemail transcript & audio via email;
• connect 1 email account;
• 1 personalized greeting;
• transcriptions in 1 language.

- Voxist Premium: $4.99 per month
• unlimited visual Voicemail for up to 2 numbers;
• 30 transcriptions per month;
• Voicemail transcript & audio via email;
• connect up to 5 email accounts;
• 5 personalized greetings;
• transcriptions in 2 languages.

- Voxist Pro: $9.99 per month
• unlimited visual Voicemail for up to 5 numbers;
• 100 transcriptions per month;
• Voicemail transcript & audio via email;
• connect an unlimited number of email accounts;
• unlimited personalized greetings;
• transcriptions in hundreds of languages!

• Compatible with most operators on monthly plans!
• Voicemail service available in France, United States (except Sprint) & on Bell in Canada.
• Sign up for FREE to see if Voxist works with your carrier.
• To use Voxist, you must forward missed calls to Voxist with carrier-specific forwarding codes.
• If Voxist doesn't fit your needs, deactivate forwarding BEFORE you delete the app, otherwise your voicemail will NOT be re-routed back to your carrier.

We hope you’ll give Voxist a try.

Check us out to learn more:

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy:

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Perfect free visual voice mail. I lost mine with Verizon when I went to prepaid
Scott Balko
I like that it sends your message in text
Cheryl Panza
This is so handy for understanding callers who rush through their return call telephone numbers when leaving voice mails. I'm referring to calls that come in on one number but have to be returned on another ...
Terry Babb