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About Volv

Volv is a news & magazine app for the new generation. No bias. No clutter. Read an article in 9 seconds. All our articles explain complex matters in simple language.

We reimagined the news. A place that tells you exactly what you need to know and why it’s important. A place where no one is pushing their agenda.

We’re here to awaken the potential of a well-informed world - so we just
report the facts and you make your own decisions.

1. Bias: Fake news has never been more sensationalized than in recent times. Different media entities are constantly calling attention to different stories and echoing contradicting realities. This affects our perception of the truth and leaves the country polarized. To tackle this, we cut the bias and present the facts in short 70-word articles so that people can easily stay updated and draw their own informed conclusions. Each article can be read in at least 9 seconds.

For example:

- Left wing: The 58 most bananas lines from Trump’s Fox & Friends interview

- Right wing: Trump on Fox & Friends: House Dems looked like fools this week

- Volv (Center): Trump calls into Fox & Friends to talk about Impeachment and Ukraine

In this political climate, it’s absolutely essential that we consume news which is fair and accurate. With the power of AI, we present you with just the facts, no opinions.

2. Curation: We get you. You don’t have time. With the constant inundation of trending news and content every day, it gets difficult to keep up with the most important stories. There’s either information overload or we have a fear of missing out. So instead of having to choose, we tell you what’s important and why it’s important in brief 70 word articles, which can be read in 9 seconds each.

From political news to latest tech updates to fashion stories, we’ve got you covered. We curate articles from top publications including Forbes, USA Today, Bloomberg, Tech Crunch, Discover Magazine, Vogue, etc.

Our editors filter the most important facts from over 50+ publications so you can sharpen your conversation skills and general knowledge with our short news articles. Become the best version of yourself.

3. 9 second articles #TLDR: Spoiled by convenience and with the attention span of less than 8 seconds, we millennials are known to read just 3-5 lines of an article to get a brief understanding before we move on. To address this, we cut the clutter and rewrite the main gist of the article in maximum 70 words, so you each article can be read in 9 seconds. If a story interests you, you still have the option to read the source article by simply clicking on “read more” under the Volv article. Read less, know more.

4. Instagram meets Tinder-like UI: Our unique “flashcard” format fits a 70-word story into one screen allowing users to read the story in 9 seconds and scroll through at least 5 stories in under a minute. You can retain more information with this unique format and understand quickly with easy, clear language.

Stay informed and evolve yourself in the least amount of time.

Evolve with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Volv?

Volv is a news & magazine app that presents short and unbiased articles on various topics in a 9-second format.

How does Volv tackle bias in news?

Volv cuts the bias by presenting factual information in short 70-word articles, allowing users to draw their own informed conclusions.

How does Volv curate news?

Volv curates articles from top publications, including Forbes, USA Today, Bloomberg, and Vogue, to filter the most important facts for its users.

How long does it take to read an article on Volv?

Each article on Volv can be read in 9 seconds, making it convenient for users with short attention spans.

What is the unique format of Volv?

Volv uses a "flashcard" format, similar to Instagram and Tinder, to fit a 70-word story into one screen, allowing users to quickly scroll through multiple stories.

Can users read the source article on Volv?

Yes, users have the option to read the source article by clicking on "read more" under the Volv article.

How does Volv help users stay informed in a short amount of time?

Volv provides concise and easy-to-understand articles that can be read quickly, helping users stay informed in the least amount of time.

What topics does Volv cover?

Volv covers a range of topics, including politics, tech updates, fashion, and more.

How does Volv leverage AI?

Volv uses the power of AI to present factual information without any opinions or bias.
Amazing app
The Techno
Can you add a gaming category. Overall a good app.
Tom bennett
Very well put together app with great design . Brings news in nice small snippets with the full article easily accessible. Only grips is I wish you could have a bit more news articles. Seems on average about...
Bailey Yeager
Quick and well rounded news articles😄
Himanish Mandrekar
Great way to get the news in bite sized pieces. Highly recommend
Warren M
Amazing style!! Too bad is more U.S oriented.. but good style def
Samuel Colt