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About Volume Booster - Equalizer & Bass & Loudspeaker

Do you need a sound assistant which has an Equalizer Booster - Volume Booster - Bass Booster all in one? 📣

Equalizer Booster, a free equalizer sound booster for Android phone, can give you the perfect sounds effect experience.

Extra volume booster, a max volume booster for android to make your phone louder, can let you enjoy a louder music volume and a booster volume of the phone.

Bass Booster, a user-friendly bass booster for sound & music, can expand system volume.👍

☆ Equalizer Sound Booster free
☆ Bass booster effect👍
☆ Stereo surround sound effect 🎙
☆ Sound booster for the music player, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, all calls, etc. 🎶
☆ Multiple Equalizations: Pop, Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, ACG, Blues, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Enhance, Bass, etc.
☆ Colorful Themes: Cyberpunk, Robot series, Romantic starry, etc.
☆ All in one Sound Assistant: Equalizer Sound Booster, Sound Volume Booster, Loudspeaker, Audio Booster Amplifier, etc.
☆ User-friendly operation: volume control up to 200%, set up your own sounds effect, enhance the sound quality, etc.
Various roles (Equalizer for Android):
🎵 Equalizer sound booster
🎵 Extra Volume Booster
🎵 Music Booster
🎵 Loud Speaker Booster
🎵 Headphone Volume Booster
🎵 Call Volume Booster
🎵 Bluetooth Volume Booster
🎵 Speaker Volume Booster
🎵 Video Volume Booster
🎵 Phone Volume Booster
🎵 High Volume Music Player
🎵 Equalizer Pro & Bass Booster
🎵 High Volume Speaker
🎵 Super Volume Booster
🎵 High Sound Music Player

This is an almighty Equalizer Sound Booster for Android phone, you might also need an Equalizer Sound Booster for headphones or an Equalizer Sound Booster for Bluetooth speaker. Equalizer & Extra Volume App meets all you need! You can set up a suitable sound effect for your phone sound system, make all the sounds much clearer and stronger by this Volume Booster free App. Own this Equalizer Sound System & Volume Increaser App, system defaults won't restrict the music volume anymore! No need to change any other speaker booster for android once you download this sound speaker amplifier!👍 Not only an Equalizer Sound Booster but also a Super Loud Volume Booster!🔥🎧

Nice booster
Reynald Alarcon
Very good
Anthony Grant