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About Bhop Masters - Parkour Run

Jump into Bhop Masters - Parkour Run, the unique mobile game based on popular bunny hop mechanics, inspired by popular titles such as Quake, Counter-Strike, CS:GO, or CS 2.

Conquer challenging maps, and become a true BHOP Master.

This is the most realistic mobile bhop game in the store!

Enjoy a smooth bhop gameplay experience optimized for your device with no lags or stutters.


In this action-packed jumping game, you'll dive into the heart-pounding world of bhop parkour, where precision and bhop speed are your allies. The more you jump, the more bhop speed you gain.

Bunny hop through challenging terrains and leap between blocks. But be careful, the more speed you have the easier is to lose control of your bunny hopping.


The goal of the Bhop game is easy: Complete each map in the shortest possible time. It seems to be easy, but it is harder than you think. Choose from over 30+ detailed maps with hundreds of hours of gameplay.

All Bhop maps will put your skills to the test. Can you conquer them all and claim the title of Bhop Master champion?


Compete with players worldwide. From Bronze to Silver, Gold, and beyond to Bhop Master. Prove your skills in intense competition and earn recognition as one of the top parkour masters globally. Play Bhop each week, earn rank points, and climb through the ranks.


Our game is designed by bhop gaming experts who understand what it takes to create an immersive and thrilling experience. You can trust that the bunny hop mechanic in "Bhop Masters" is perfected.


Unlock a unique Reward System. The better in bhop you are, the better rewards you earn, including cases that can be opened to reveal CS:GO-inspired skins. Customize your bhop character and show off your style with these exclusive skins.


Connect with fellow bhop friends, share tips, and compete for the top spot on the leaderboards. Bhop Masters has a vibrant community on Discord, Youtube, and other social platforms.

Challenge friends or make new ones as you strive to become the ultimate bhop parkour master.


Enjoy the bunny hop game with annoying ads disturbing your gameplay. In Bhop Master we guarantee smooth gameplay without popping ads every X seconds.


Ready to unleash your inner parkour bunny hop master? Your adventure begins now – run, jump, and become a BHOP LEGEND!

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