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About Monster Park AR - Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World

Mysterious creatures come to life!

Monster Park AR brings enormous dinosaurs and other creepy monsters to the real world with augmented reality. AR effect makes the experience with 4D dinosaurs incredibly powerful and realistic. You can see Jurassic dinosaurs and other creatures walking everywhere - in your living room, backyard or in the city center.

Monster Park AR - Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World is a new augmented reality app that lets you observe and rule incredibly lifelike dinosaurs and other monsters with your device’s camera.

Charming and mysterious creatures immerse you in an augmented reality gaming environment where you can:

◆ Take a look at the creatures in real size
◆ Bring huge dinosaurs into your real world
◆ Follow dinosaurs and other monsters everywhere and walk together
◆ Touch those monsters and see what will happen
◆ Change the dinosaur skin
◆ Listen to their malicious growl
◆ Create cool photos and videos to wow your friends

Jurassic dinosaurs are among us!

With Monster Park AR - Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World enormous dinosaurs drop into the real world. While interacting with the prehistoric creatures, not only will you be able to see them as big as they were in real life, but also to direct and control their movements. Tame your 4D dino, make it follow you, move the direction you like or fall down for a while.

How about visiting the parallel universe where Jurassic dinosaurs used to live? Be sure to open a portal, enter it, and explore the incredible augmented reality world of dinos with its wonderful waterfall and awe-inspiring nature.

Design your own dinosaur by changing its skin. Experiment with your monster, choose any skin pattern or paint your own. To change the skin of your dino, find the desired texture, point the device’s camera on it and tap ‘scan’. Create a collection of unique monsters!

Make cool photos and videos while walking with augmented reality dinosaurs save them and share with friends.

How to rule 4D dinos?

You can place the monster on any flat surface and scale it to be any size. Simply tap anywhere on the display to direct your AR dinosaur exactly at that point. Hit the monster, hit it again and see what will happen.

Key features of augmented reality app:

◆ Incredible realistic-looking dinosaurs and other terrifying monsters 4D (tyrannosaurus rex, pteranodons, triceratops, scolopendra, et al) in the real world.*

◆ Placing a portal to the dinosaurs' parallel universe in augmented reality.

◆ Walking with dinosaurs and monsters and controlling their movements (make them move in different directions or fall down).

◆ Different game modes for playing with AR dinosaurs and creatures.

◆ Funny photos and videos of monsters to wow your friends or play a trick on them.

◆ Designing your own dino by changing its skin.

◆ Сhanging the size of the monster.

◆ Stunning sound effects.

T-Rex is available by default. Other creatures can be purchased, if necessary.

*The app contains In-App Purchases.

More cool features and creatures are coming soon!

Are you ready to meet the AR dino?

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