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About Urent

Urent - Care to Share?

Why Urent?
Urent is an online marketplace that offers the opportunity for businesses & individuals to utilize & monetize their depreciating assets by listing their vehicles for rent!

Urent offers up to 8 different categories for listing & renting.
Urent is a lifestyle brand that's far from the mainstream process of renting.
Urent enables you to know who you are renting from, and interact with them directly.
Pre-booking option for your future trips.
Run your rental business all via Urent.

For more information please visit

Great app, easy to use! I booked my car in less than an hour without deposit, hassle free. Customer support is awesome, will definitely book again soon. Keep up the great job guys 👍🏻
Kim Clark
Easiest way to book a car, hands down 👌🏼
Hristo Nikov
Very great app! Easy to navigate and browse with so many great options. Loved how straight forward, no hastle to do the booking as well! Highly recommend it!
Kareem ElDeeb