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About UNU - Crazy 8 Card Game: Card War on the Beach

Hit the beach and join the UNU card party! 😎🌴 It’s the Crazy 8 card game preferred by ONO Players. UNU is the perfect combination of some your favorite classic card games like Spite & Malice, Dutch Blitz and Euchre. Even the little ones can join the card party. Playing UNU online is as easy as a Go Fish card game! 🐟 Download now and enjoy an unparalleled UNU card game experience in our beach rec room!

Crazy 8 Card War Features:
- Join a UNU card party with millions of users around the world! 🌎
- Cool beach rec room with fun audio and graphics 🏖️
- Intuitive crazy 8 game play and interface 🧐
- Play your UNU card game online or offline! 🌐
- Join 1v3, 1v2 and 1v1 player games. 🧍
- Play your own music in the background of your card war! 🎵
- All content unlocked. 🔑 There's no long crazy 8 tutorials or incoherent checklists to get a free online multiplayer game started. 🤪

Looking for Skipbo or Spite and Malice? An UNU card game has more skips and acts of spite and malice than any spite malice game. It’s a card war– on a calm, relaxing beach! 🍹 Play a round and see for yourself.

Whether it’s spelled UNU, ONO, or ONU, the rules are the same. Just like the classic crazy eights game you play with friends and family, try to be the first to shed all your cards. When it’s your turn, play a card with either the same color or number as the last card played. Once a player has laid their last card, the match is over. Watch out– don't lay that last card before pressing the UNU button! Oh no! You forgot? That'll be a +2 card penalty.

This high speed card game is crazy eights with a twist! There’s a few special UNU playing cards to look out for:

+2 Cards: Get the card war started and attack your opponent with 2 extra playing cards.

Skip: Place this one to make your opponent lose their turn. Skipbo is probably a better name for a round of UNU with friends than a spite malice game.

Reverse: Change the direction of the game (from counterclockwise to clockwise or back again)!

Wild: These can be played at any time. Lay it down and pick a color.

Wild +4: Pick a color and pummel your foe with four extra playing cards. They’ll be sure to be bubbling with spite and malice!

Oh No! Want to play UNU with friends, but nobody is available? Ono problem! You can join multiplayer card games with friends from all over the world in Online Multiplayer mode. Alternatively, kick back and enjoy a game of crazy eights versus computer players. No matter how you play, UNU card wars offer hours of card party fun!

Inspired by family card games like Spite & Malice, Euchre and Dutch Blitz, UNU is guaranteed to also become a favorite in your card game collection. Download the crazy 8 card game now, the preferred card war game for ONO players!

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So far so good
Diane Herrington
Good game
Tamonika McDenny
I think this is my favorite UNO card game so far. Fun, relaxing themes!
Lauren K
I love it
Celia Cowart