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About UNO!™

Play the world’s number one card game like never before. UNO!™ has all-new rules, tournaments, adventures and so much more! At home or on the move, jump into games instantly. Whether an UNO!™ veteran or completely new, take on challenges and reap the rewards. UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly card game.
- Play classic UNO!™ or use tons of popular house rules!
- Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world!
- Two heads are better than one in 2v2 mode. Use teamwork to win together.
- Compete in tournaments. Win rewards. Climb the leaderboards!
- Go on an adventure in the UNO!™ Universe.
The Classic Game at Your Fingertips
Play the game you know and love in UNO!™ Classic Mode. Or let us recommend the game mode that suits you with Quick Start. Play instantly anytime!

Buddy Up
Work together with your friends in 2v2 Mode. It’s a totally unique way to play with teamwork and more strategy. You win when either you or your partner plays the last card!

Rule Your Room
Get your friends together in the Fun Room and set up a game with your favorite house rules! Play the new “Discard All” card to completely remove one color from your hand. Or use the popular “7-0” house rule to swap hands with someone else. Turn up the pressure with the “Stacking” rule and watch your friends pile cards onto one hapless player!

Go big or go home. Go WILD.
This no-holds-barred mode is the ultimate UNO!™ challenge. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 80 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild scenario, you win big or go home empty handed! Are you up for the challenge?

Climb the ladder and prove your skill in regular tournaments. Keep winning to take the fast route to victory and win prizes.

Journey the UNO!™ Universe
Discover new places, meet new characters, and collect unique rewards. The UNO!™ Universe is an exciting adventure around the world. Follow the story as each chapter unfolds.

Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™
Easily connect with friends, send voice messages to the other players during a match, or yell UNO into your device when you’re about to win. Make a strategy with your partner in 2v2 mode or cheer on your friends as a spectator!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is UNO!™?

UNO!™ is the world's number one card game that can be played on mobile devices. It offers new rules, tournaments, and adventures for players to enjoy.

What game modes are available in UNO!™?

UNO!™ offers various game modes including classic UNO!™, 2v2 mode for teamwork, and special modes like "Rule Your Room" and "Go WILD".

Can I play UNO!™ with my friends?

Yes, UNO!™ allows you to connect with friends from around the world and play together.

Are there any special rules in UNO!™?

Yes, UNO!™ offers popular house rules such as "Discard All" to remove one color from your hand, "7-0" to swap hands with someone else, and "Stacking" to pile cards onto one player.

Can I participate in tournaments in UNO!™?

Yes, UNO!™ provides regular tournaments where you can compete, win rewards, and climb the leaderboards to showcase your skill.

Is there an adventure aspect in UNO!™?

Absolutely! UNO!™ has an exciting adventure called the UNO!™ Universe where you can discover new places, meet characters, and collect unique rewards.

Can I communicate with other players in UNO!™?

Yes, in UNO!™ you can easily connect with friends, send voice messages during a match, or cheer on your friends as a spectator.
DonartTafaj@gma You winer Your amazing for uno
Donart Tafaj
Its fun game 😘😘😘😘😍
Mariam Ghuloom
Ahmed Saeed
Fun games
Devanzer Shuffler
Trevor Potts
Overall it's an amazing game 😊 i love it and cant gi a day without playing it.
suraksha ramkissoon