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About Rise of Mages

"Rise of Mages" is an epic RTS (real-time strategy) war game.

The alliance kingdom formed by humans, elves and dwarves, and the tribe formed of orcs, undead and demons. The epic wars between them, are always legendary stories worthy of being told from generation to generation.

In each battle, you will send up to 8 units to the battlefield. Just move your finger, order them to battlefield, attack the enemy's base camp and win!

To enhance your strength, you can build heroic altar, mage temple, magical institute, barrack, blacksmith shop, and recruit more heroes and arms. You can even recruit friendly tribe heroes through the neutral pub to help you.

At the best timing, smartly move troops of different functioning, to defeat your enemies by targeting their weakness, this is the ultimate secret to win!

Cleverly building your own defensive towers and facilities, they often have miraculous effects in battle.

Game features:
* DIY maps and build and upgrade your own base.
* Upgrade the building to unlock more heroes and spells to build your library.
* Carefully design your ultimate playing card group and beat your opponent.
* Send up to 8 units to the battlefield and order them to attack.
* Get the Star of Victory and open the treasure chest, collect coins and pieces, and upgrade your hero.
* Join the team, share experiences, and build your own battle circle.
*Take the top of the leaderboard and prove that you are the real king of war!

To play this game requires a good internet, recommend WiFi or 4G.

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