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About UltraTrader: Crypto Journal

Find and perfect your crypto trading strategy with UltraTrader

Professional traders know the critical importance of having a trade journal, and now you can have a dedicated, super-fast crypto trade tracker on your phone! Track all your setups from different exchanges in one app. Stay ahead of the market with instant notifications. Keep a detailed record of your Profit and Loss, Return on investment and asset distribution. Export your trade history for analysis, education or tax report.

Features include:

📥 Detailed trade info:

Ability to save all the important data such as: entry, leverage, target, stop-loss, amount, and more.

⚡️ Rapid market rates

View the most accurate prices collected from multiple exchanges.

📰 Breaking news

Never miss out on the action! Check the hottest news from over 20 reliable sources first hand.

☁️ Consistent uptime

Your data is always there when you need it.

⏰ Instant price alerts and notifications

Get instant alerts on price fluctuations and target triggers.

💰 Over 5000 Trading pairs

Wether you fancy Bitcoin or not-so-bit coins, We’ve got you covered.

📈 In depth performance charts

Analyze the performance of your portfolio like a pro— with intraday, Daily, and asset distribution charts.

📘 Trade history report:

Export your trading history to have your tax filed right; Your tax man will thank you for it!

🔎 Custom watchlist

Find your next trading opportunity with our integrated charts and TradingView extension.

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Clean and easy to use crypto trading journal.
Arshia Majidi
I found this app very helpful. It makes my trading so much easier. Helps me save my time and money! Definitely suggest it!
Good app
حمید ابدی
I think its a must have app for serious crypto traders. The watchlist and trade list are much better executed than other apps i've tried. keep up the good work!
ajang nazari
I user Ultra trader to log my trades. I think its great choice for serious crypto trades and hope there will be more features added soon.
Amirhosein Shahvarani
Great trade journal for crypto traders. Would love it if i could also track forex trades with it.
mohammad javad kohan kan