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About Puzzle Forge 2

Heroes of Burning-Blade need your help! As the new blacksmith of the realm, put together ressources on the board to build powerful weapons. Sell these equipments to heroes, earn gold pieces and experience to increase your skills. Who knows which new hero will be attracted by your talents?

- Build 2000 differents weapon thanks to the unique creation system of Puzzle Forge 2.
- Add gems and enchantments to your creations.
- Earn spells and magic items in quests. Use them to improve your unique weapons.
- Like in any RPG, use your experience to increase your skills.
- Meet many heroes with strange requests.


Share tips and experiences, find details on game updates on our forum:

Please contact [email protected] for any issue or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter for the latest development updates, news & tips:

You can also reach us on Facebook:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Puzzle Forge 2?

Puzzle Forge 2 is a game where players become blacksmiths and build powerful weapons by putting together resources on a board.

How many different weapons can be built in Puzzle Forge 2?

There are 2000 different weapons that can be built in Puzzle Forge 2.

Can gems and enchantments be added to the creations in Puzzle Forge 2?

Yes, gems and enchantments can be added to the creations in Puzzle Forge 2.

How can spells and magic items be obtained in Puzzle Forge 2?

Spells and magic items can be earned in quests and can be used to improve the unique weapons.

How can skills be increased in Puzzle Forge 2?

Skills can be increased by using experience points gained in the game.

What kind of requests do heroes make in Puzzle Forge 2?

Heroes make strange requests in Puzzle Forge 2.

Where can I find tips and updates on Puzzle Forge 2?

You can find tips and updates on Puzzle Forge 2 in the game's forum at

How can I contact support for Puzzle Forge 2?

You can contact support for Puzzle Forge 2 by emailing [email protected].

How can I stay updated on the latest development updates, news, and tips for Puzzle Forge 2?

You can follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter at for the latest updates.

Are there any other games by Tuesday Quest?

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Pretty fun
John Doe
Deleted it... Too addicting xD I tried installing it on a new phone, but the scale is broken and it is unplayable. :(
Yerahmeel V.
Imelda Pulido
People is saying that ads are a problem, you can just turn off wifi and play normally.
Ameripino the purple link
It's challenging but not too challenging I like how it's a unique puzzle game I haven't seen anything like it you have a shop you can buy stuff and you can't just run into it with no plan it's fun it is a no...
Mini monster
I loved this game on my old phone but I dont think it's been updated in a while. Loved the game when it was good, wish the devs would actually update it. Or maybe even release puzzle forge 3???
Daymoon Blade