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About Remote System Monitor

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Remote System Monitor allows to get advanced system and hardware information from your windows computer over the network.

Remote System Monitor is composed of an Android application to display system information and a server software for Windows PC. Get Windows server software at

It is particularly useful to check your system state while playing games, allowing you to know if the computer is overheating, how your system deal with temperature and fan speed and how your games are using your computer resources (CPU, GPU, memory, etc..).

System and Hardware Information Provided are:
- 3D games frame rate
- temperatures (cpu/cores, gpu, motherboard, hard drive)
- cpu and gpu load
- cpu and gpu frequencies
- ram, swap and video memory usage
- voltages (system, gpu)
- advanced sata and nvme SSD information
- physical disks read/write speed
- fan speed (cpu, gpu, motherboard, etc...) and fan control
- network cards download/upload speed
- logical disks usage
- various controls and levels (fan, ...)
- liquid cooling flow

New Custom Dashboard with:
- multi-server support
- gauge widget
- graph and multi graph widget
- local notification widget
- etc...

For more information and help:

Is it possible to allow user to select sub panels in server page? Because not all sub panels needed.
Wenjiang Ye
Verry usefull
Alin Toader
Very nice app, worked right away for me. Only cons is the lack of customization in the dashboard. ( Wallpaper, live wallpaper,logos, etc) pc guys like to 'rice out' their computer.
joe ph