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About BVG Jelbi: Berlin Transit, Sharing & Route Planner

Now you can get anywhere in Berlin with a single, fully connected mobility app 🚃.

The BVG Jelbi app provides mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) that combines essential transport options – bikes, scooters, electric kick scooters, shuttles, and shared cars – for your completely connected and seamless trip experience.

Multiple mobility providers can be booked, paid for and used with a single account. In one go, you can set up for all our services, from VBB/BVG tickets for public transport to micro-mobility brands like Tier, Deezer NextBike, Emmy, Miles, and BerlKönig.

Turn to a new page in your travel experience. Explore Berlin your own way, as a visitor, commuter, or a true local 🗺️.

One account for all services:

You only need one account to plan your trips, find the best transit option and track their schedules in real-time, book any micro-mobility service and instantly pay for the rides. All of this and more in the BVG Jelbi app 🚀!

Pay for your rides like you are used to

📱Install BVG Jelbi and find a ride either via the map or with our route planner.
💨 Book your ride or buy a ticket directly and instantly, without leaving the app.
👼 No extra fees, you pay for your ride like you would in the original apps.
💸 Flexible payment options: pay with PayPal or credit cards.

Integrated urban mobility

🚉 All public transport in Berlin, including tariff zones A to C, from short trip tickets to monthly passes. Transit with train 🚅, bus 🚌, tram 🚋, subway 🚇, ferry ⛴️ - you ask, we deliver.
🚕 Ride sharing service provided by BVG BerlKönig that lets you book and share a Berlin ride.
🛴 Kick scooter sharing provided by Tier, a leading electric kick scooter rental brand.
🚗 Car sharing options ranging from agile city cars to practical vans, brought to you by Miles.
🛵 Electric scooter sharing service by Emmy that guarantees a fast and quiet route from A to B.
🚲 Bike sharing option supported by Nextbike that lets you take off and touch down wherever you like.

Available Jelbi Stations (more to follow):

✔️ U-Bahn station Prinzenstraße (Gitschiner Str. 64)
✔️ S+U-Bahn station Schönhauser Allee (Greifenhagener Str. 20)
✔️ U-Bahn station Jakob-Kaiser-Platz (Klausingring 21)
✔️ S-Bahn station Landsberger Allee/Petersburger Straße (Landsberger Allee 87)
✔️ U-Bahn station Ullsteinstraße (Ullsteinstr. 138)
✔️ S+U-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke (Holzmarktstr. 14)

Quick setup

Register only once for all services in the BVG Jelbi app. You can register as a new user of our MaaS platform, or log in with your, BVG Ticket or BVG FahrInfo App details.
Choose your preferred payment method for all Jelbi app services: PayPal, credit cards, or direct debit. To unlock all the services, you will also need a mobile phone number and a valid ID with a driver's licence.
With a complete profile you will unlock a fleet of 20,000 vehicles in one app.

For public transportation enthusiasts

The BVG Jelbi app shows all nearby train, tram and bus stops around you with just one click 🤖.You can easily find, buy, and store your tickets inside the app. Also, our Jelbi Stations are right next to public transport stops in Berlin. As a powerful MaaS, BVG Jelbi makes traveling from any station easier than ever!

Are you a shared mobility fan?

BVG Jelbi is a mobility app and MaaS provider that delivers high urban connectivity 🌐. All transit options from car sharing to kick-scooters and bike rentals are available within the app. Our partners promise the highest standards of quality.

Additional features

Keep track of your BVG Jelbi app rides in your personal dashboard. Retrieve invoices for journeys made and download them directly from the app.

Any feedback? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve our app? Let us know what you think about the BVG Jelbi app here with a review, or write to us at [email protected]

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Awesome app! Replaces 6 apps and it's easier to use than most of them. It would be useful if you could add some widgets for showing the schedule of BVG lines or a shortcut to a schedule.
Nikola Koevski
Very useful app
sharon stein
The service use practical but I thought something easy where I just buy a berlin ticket with PayPal. What all the complications with verification, registration, birth date,address,gender ? If I decide to use...