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About My Latvian Forest

Application is for forest data, that is registered in Latvian State Forest Service, for wood operational compartment viewing. It is not intended for forest stalling or other types of surveying, or for marking the boundaries in nature, but is valid for targeting in Your forest.

Warning: if you do not have a ".zip" file that is downloaded from Latvian State Forest Service GIS system, then the application fails to do the task.

If You have access to Latvian State Forest Service GIS system (, then ".zip" file You can download following steps "Kartes modulis (Map module) -> Eksportēt datubāzes datus (Cloud icon, for exporting dialog) -> Eksportēt kā: SHP (Export like: SHP)-> enter Z/V number (Property ID) -> Eksportēt (Export) -> Lejuplādēt (Download)". After that You can open ".zip" file in applicatin "My Latvian Forest".

Application has a 14 day free trial period. The annual subscription fee is charged afterwards. If during the trial period you wish to opt-out of subscription fees and use of the app, you can do so in your Goolge Play profile -> Account -> Subscriptions.


1. Open ".zip" files, which containing ".shp" and ".dbf" files.
2. Show on Google Map containing shapes and lines.
3. Navigate to property using Google Map navigation system.
4. Show or hide layers - for easier map management.
5. Operational compartments and layers are in different colors.
6. See operational compartment information (area, tree species, height, width etc.)
7. See Your location on Google Map in real time.
8. App has user instructions.
9. Translated in: Latvian and English languages.