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About Used Cars for Sale – OOYYO

OOYYO is a leading global vertical price comparison engine for Used Cars and Pre-Owned Vehicles, with more than 5,000,000 CAR LISTINGS.

Our service aggregates and semantically analyzes millions of cars for sale from thousands of different used vehicle sources, returning the most relevant search results to the users.

Since our car price checker gathers and organizes millions of listings into one place, there is no longer need to browse dozens of car websites to find the car you’ve been searching for. That makes OOYYO the best tool to buy and sell used and pre-owned cars through online classifieds.

The new, improved design offers numerous features that will make your search even more efficient: OOYYO gathers the entire used automobile market into one place and makes it easy for you to quickly find a good deal by making use of our price rating system for each car.

See car details and photos, plus various options for narrowing down your search easily by:

• Using our numerous filters;
• Marking your favorite car ads;
• Saving history of all your car searches;
• Comparing cars;
• Using our unique cost rating system ranging from Super price to Overpriced;
• Sorting search results by best deal, price, mileage, distance and year;
• Sorting filters by your favorite criteria;
• Accessing all original car adverts, and much more…

Best website for used car , simple and easy to use .
anyvamous axb
É um aplicativo muito bom. Mas gostaria de saber porque não consigo aceder ao site da Africa do sul "" antes eu acedia sem nenhum problema. Tentei usando o aplicativo também e não consegui. Alguem...
Júnior d'Castela
Works very well. Can search cars in different countries in one app.