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About Idle Quest

Questing! It's what we love, and it's what we do. Begin by getting quests from townsfolk. Then, scurry to the designated questing location with the footgear of your choice. Once there, slay the needed monsters with a flip of your sword, and return to town. Charm the townsfolk with your magical amulet and collect massive piles of gold! Use your newfound loot to craft new gear, letting you tackle with ease the next challenging quest...

★ Fight hundreds of zany enemies such as Rioting Centaurs and Double Parking Lawnmowers!
★ Craft hundreds of exotic items such as Name Brand Snowglobes and Vorpal Katanas!
★ Over 40 achievements to unlock!
★ Compete with friends on the global leaderboards!
★ Grow your stats to values greater than 10 to the power 200!
★ Four skills to upgrade to improve your questing powers!
★ Continue your quests even when the game is closed! (Note: no battery life is used when the game is closed)

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