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About Toon Goggles for TV

With Toon Goggles, your child can enjoy kid-safe and parent-approved cartoon, & music from anywhere and at anytime!

Toon Goggles has hundreds of fun and educational cartoons and live action shows and millions of popular songs from famous artists such as One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez on the new Tune Goggles Radio.

You can always feel safe when your child is using Toon Goggles because our service is kidSafe Certified and offers parental controls to monitor your child’s viewing.

Take a look at all the features that make Toon Goggles so great:

-Parental control so you can monitor your child's viewing.
-Thousands of animated and live-action episodes perfect for kids of any age and updated weekly.
-Tune Goggles Radio streaming music service offers your child a selection of over 8 million kid-safe songs from the latest artists kids love.
-100% ad-free preschool & educational categories, and parents can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription if they prefer their child not view ads in other categories.
-Let your child create his or her own Toon Goggles account, avatar, and screen name to ensure complete anonymity while interacting with the app.
-“Jump!” to a suggested episode with the touch of a button to pique your child's interest in something new.
- Watch 360 videos!
- Control the app with your voice.
- Videos available in 4K
-Toon Goggles is available on many other devices! Visit to find out more.

Your feedback is very important to us. If you ever have a comment, complaint, or question, contact us in the Tools section of the app using “Contact TG.”

NOTE: We take your child's privacy very seriously. The first time your child tries to upload a video to TG Shortiez, an email will be sent to you (the parent) for initial approval. Parents must pass our verification and then approve uploads for their child. Each video uploaded will first go to the parent for approval and then to the Toon Goggles content approval team prior to becoming live on the service. This is to ensure a safe environment for your child and the rest of our community.

Toon Goggles requires an email address to create an optional free account. The email address is encrypted and stored in a manner that we cannot access and is not tied to any other personally identifiable information and is only used for one-time password reset in accordance with COPPA and GDPR laws. See our privacy policy for more details.

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Really good kids app!
Tobias Markee
A wonderful app that every child and parents should add to their device. They're fun and great to enjoy.
Tom Nomelamd
Love it adorable app to me
Palmetto Bassin
I like it but it let's a lot
A Google user
There are 6 great categories and tons of shows under each so there is always a show for everyone.
Toon Goggles
2 Youare the three dragons and the girl cartoon network and his 2
Hamdi Muhumed