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About Toca Lab: Plants

Just like with the first app in the Toca Lab Series, Toca Lab: Elements, your curiosity will lead the way. Choose your plant, then visit five different locations in the lab:

● Grow light: Shine the light on your plant and watch what happens! Does your plant bask and happily sigh in the light, or groan and wriggle away? What happens when you turn the light up a notch or two?

● Watering tank: Put your plant in the tank and fill it up with water. Will your plant float? How does your plant behave when it’s soaking wet?

● Nutrition station: What’s the optimal diet for your plant? Try the three different nutrition formulas and discover which ones your plant character likes!

● Cloning machine: Spin the wheel on the cloning machine and before you know it, you’ll have five little versions of your plant. Wonder what the clones can do? Experiment and find out!

● Crossbreeding apparatus: Here you can mix two plants to create something unexpected. Try it and see what happens!

Have fun experimenting at each station to see how the plants evolve. Keep experimenting until you’ve collected all 35 plant characters in the app. Once you’ve collected a plant, keep experimenting to continue to evolve it! Who says kids can’t be scientists? Toca Lab: Plants brings out the budding botanist in everybody!

- Start with one plant and experiment your way to 35 different plant characters, each with its own unique personality!
- Continue to evolve existing plants through experimentation!
- Evolve plants with five lab tools: grow light, watering tank, nutrition station, cloning machine and the crossbreeding apparatus.
- Discover plants from five groups: green algae, mosses, ferns, trees and flowering plants.
- Learn the names and Latin names of real-life plants!

With no rules or time limits, this fun science app is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Science has never been more enjoyable as you’ll have all different types of plants and fun scientific tools to play and learn with. Nothing but hours of fun in the laboratory awaits, so play in the lab and explore the world of science and botany now!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Toca Lab: Plants?

Toca Lab: Plants is an app where you can experiment with different plants and learn about plant evolution.

What can I do in Toca Lab: Plants?

In Toca Lab: Plants, you can use different lab tools to interact with your plant, such as shining a grow light, filling up a watering tank, trying different nutrition formulas, cloning your plant, and crossbreeding plants.

How many different plant characters can I collect in Toca Lab: Plants?

You can collect 35 different plant characters in the app.

Can I continue to evolve plants in Toca Lab: Plants?

Yes, you can continue to experiment and evolve your plants even after collecting them.

What types of plants can I discover in Toca Lab: Plants?

You can discover plants from five different groups: green algae, mosses, ferns, trees, and flowering plants.

Can I learn the names of real-life plants in Toca Lab: Plants?

Yes, you can learn the names and Latin names of real-life plants while playing the app.

Is there a time limit or rules in Toca Lab: Plants?

No, there are no time limits or rules. You can enjoy the app at your own pace and explore different plants and tools freely.

Who is Toca Boca?

Toca Boca is a company that designs apps and products for kids, with the belief that play can spark imagination and help children learn about the world.

Where can I find more information about Toca Boca and their products?

You can find more information about Toca Boca and their products at

What is Toca Boca's privacy policy?

Toca Boca takes privacy seriously. You can learn more about how they handle privacy matters by reading their privacy policy at
Love it
tayvin's fam
Yes you are right I have no idea what to do 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥 Dy and I are going Thuja green beans and cheese
maribel delarosa
Great game, although can you add more plants? Like tiger lillies, or other vegatables/fruits? But great graphics and sound design. I have not had any bugs so pretty good game.
꧁Ruby the Poewk꧂
Love it! The thing that i love it is that you can mix your discovered plants together and i love toca elements too, i also think the daisy saying Fing dong is really cute
Dan Cappilla
Well it's OK fun and funny and I have always wanted to discover new plats
Nightmare Demon
For some reason all my plants went white and I couldn't fix it can you tell me why. Thnx
tree kee