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About TigerConnect - Clinical Solutions

TigerConnect (formerly TigerText) Clinical Communications for Healthcare Teams

More than a secure text messaging app, TigerConnect is a communication and collaboration platform that streamlines workflows by delivering actionable real-time, clinical data at the point of care to drive positive outcomes for patients and greater productivity and profitability for healthcare organizations.

Through its Connection Hub technology, TigerConnect integrates data from EHRs, nurse call systems, scheduling, and other clinical systems for accelerated workflows that lead to greater collaboration, improved productivity, and higher patient satisfaction. Secure, encrypted, and HITRUST-Certified, the TigerConnect app syncs with your active directory, helping to:

• Reduce costs
• Improve care quality
• Decrease patient wait times
• Increase bed utilization
• Reduce medical errors
• Achieve HIPAA compliance
• Raise HCAHPS scores
• Improve care team job satisfaction

TigerConnect integrates with hospital systems such as:
• Patient Alerts & Alarms / Nurse Call
• Scheduling System
• VoIP / PBX
• Paging & Answering Service
• Lab Systems
• Single Sign-On

Additional capabilities include:
• Messaging by Role or Department
• Intelligent message routing
• Voice & Video Calling
• Priority Messaging
• Auto-Forwarding
• Messaging to External Users

Secure Messaging
• Secure Texts
• Message Recall
• Group Conversations
• Broadcast Messaging
• Message Status (Sent/Delivered/Read)
• Push Notifications
• Searchable Directory
• Multiple Inboxes
• Do Not Disturb

TigerConnect is currently certified to work in the U.S. and Canada. While users in other countries may download and access the app for free, the TigerConnect user experience may be inconsistent outside the U.S. and Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TigerConnect?

TigerConnect is a communication and collaboration platform that delivers real-time, clinical data to healthcare teams to streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes.

What are the benefits of using TigerConnect?

Using TigerConnect can help healthcare organizations reduce costs, improve care quality, decrease patient wait times, increase bed utilization, reduce medical errors, achieve HIPAA compliance, raise HCAHPS scores, and improve care team job satisfaction.

What systems can TigerConnect integrate with?

TigerConnect can integrate with hospital systems such as EHR, patient alerts & alarms/nurse call, scheduling systems, PACS, VoIP/PBX, paging & answering service, lab systems, and single sign-on.

What additional capabilities does TigerConnect have?

TigerConnect offers messaging by role or department, intelligent message routing, voice & video calling, priority messaging, auto-forwarding, messaging to external users, and various secure messaging features such as group conversations, message recall, push notifications, and searchable directory.

Is TigerConnect available outside of the U.S. and Canada?

While users in other countries can download and access the app for free, the TigerConnect user experience may be inconsistent outside of the U.S. and Canada.
great app
David Northington
so helpful to clearly communicate. and a comfort to know it is HIPAA compliant. can send pictures and send clips to docs
Nancy Bleam
great app
Melony Smith
Very pleased, Especially being able to see that recipient has or has not read.
Lawrence Underwood
its a very secure messaging system. I like it.
Mayuranathan P
Actab 16434