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About Climate Jobs & Work

Learn about solutions. Join a global community. Build your climate career. is the global climate career platform with a mission to get 100 million people working in climate by 2030.

Our app brings climate jobs, learning, and a vibrant community into a single platform that’s the ideal starting point for professionals looking to work in climate.

“I am ecstatic about my new climate job opportunity - truly a dream job for me that I couldn’t have landed without” - Growth Product Manager at Blocpower, USA

“The candidates were highly engaged and super motivated. Awesome to have a great group of mission-driven folks” - Director of Software at Ohmconnect

• Discover over 50 communities on topics ranging from Energy and Resilience & Adaptation to Carbon Removal.
• Find helping hands of all kinds - from climate experts, to hiring managers, entrepreneurs and program fellows.
• Every job is a climate job, so you’ll find all roles and industries represented here - from energy to climate finance, urban mobility, green buildings, sustainable food and more.

• Connect with other professionals working on climate solutions and grow your network.
• Meet fellows working at: Afresh, BlocPower, Climate Collective, Global Battery Alliance, Pachama, TerraWatt, The World Bank, Watershed and more.
• Upskill at live climate events, huddles and AMAs.
• Message others directly to dig deeper into climate topics.

• Talk directly with hiring managers at live huddles, AMAs and job fairs - with unlimited chats and DMs.
• To date our climate jobs fairs have connected 10k+ professionals with 100+ leading climate tech employers like: Afresh, Kairos Aero, NextEra Mobility, Voltus and Waterplan.
• Enter priority lists, with top talent invited to weekly “talent drops” sent to climate tech employers who are actively hiring.
• Find your sweet spot - browse our diverse job and company board to discover climate organisations that need your skills.

• Study climate change and the climate solutions landscape with cohort-based courses like ‘Learning for Action’.
• Be guided by world-class experts from: Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Climate Brief, Drawdown Labs, Ellen McArthur Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, SELCO, The All We Can Save Project, University of Oxford and more.
• Explore the sectors and functions with deep potential.
• Learn from the best - expert faculty, eminent guest lecturers, 200+ experienced industry mentors and accomplished peers.
• Thousands of alumni - and growing - ready to support you on your climate journey.

“I was one of’s first learners. The company and its ecosystem were instrumental in my transition to climate, and helped me get to my current position at MCJ Collective where I invest in leading climate companies (including!)” - Cody Simms, Partner at MCJ Collective

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is is a global climate career platform with a mission to get 100 million people working in climate by 2030. It brings climate jobs, learning, and a vibrant community into a single platform for professionals looking to work in climate.

How can I join the community?

You can join the community by signing up on their platform. It offers over 50 communities on various climate topics, connects you with professionals working on climate solutions, and provides opportunities to upskill through live events, huddles, and AMAs.

How can help me find a climate job? provides opportunities to directly interact with hiring managers at live huddles, AMAs, and job fairs. They have connected thousands of professionals with leading climate tech employers through their climate jobs fairs. You can also browse their job and company board to discover climate organizations that need your skills.

Can I learn about climate change and climate solutions through

Yes, offers cohort-based courses like 'Learning for Action' where you can study climate change and the climate solutions landscape. You will be guided by world-class experts and have the opportunity to learn from expert faculty, industry mentors, and accomplished peers.
I have been interested in connecting with like minded people - passionate about climate change, and learning from experts. Finally a dedicated app to fulfill that need!
Rashmi Sinha
This is exactly what I needed to help me in my climate journey The way it brings together learning and jobs and communities all in a single app is amazing. The way it looks and feels is top notch as well
Aditya Priyadarshi
Terra app is my new favorite goto place to find climate related news and to connect with others interested in specific areas of interest
nitin pande
Wonderful app. I love to use it very much. Thank you for making it simple and informative.
Arjun Ghevariya
Awesome cohort-based courses and community of fellows working on climate solutions! App is very easy to use and stable.
David Benham
Really good app for like minded people working on climate change.
mirik gogri