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About Food4ME - Food app


Food4ME is an interactive app to keep you excited and updated with your food journey while you are at the University. Intelligent and cutting-edge technologies to enhance your experience and provide multiple ways to get your daily food.

The mobile app enhances the experience with the following features:

* Real-time comprehensive menu for current and future dates showing Food images, nutritional and allergen info.

* Notifications to the students about the upcoming menu planned event or other general food info.

* ‘Grab & Go’ & ‘Pick-Up’ are for those students who are engaged with some other activities during Lunch or Dinner and do not have much time to spend in the hall. Students can order the food from the app and they can just grab the Lunch or Dinner from the designated pickup area.

* ‘BuzzFeed’ section is to engage the students with general knowledge of the food like nutritional awareness, cooking recipes & instruction, students poll for future menu, and food waste management.

* Real-time feedback to improve the service.

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