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About Genius Scan+ - PDF Scanner

Quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multi-page PDF files.

*** 20+ million users *** 1000s of small businesses ***

Place any document in front of your device’s camera: our scanner app automatically recognizes the paper against the background, crops it, and cleans up the result. You obtain a crisp, legible scan. Batch scanning lets you scan dozens of pages in a matter of seconds. Powerful tools help you organize, share, or archive your documents.


Smart Scanning:

- Document detection & background removal
- Distortion correction
- Shadow removal and defect cleanup
- Filters (black & white, whiteboard, photo)
- Batch scanning

PDF Creation & Editing:

- Document merging & splitting
- Multiple page PDF creation
- Photos and PDF import

Security & Privacy:

- On-device document processing
+ Biometric unlock
+ PDF password encryption

Document Organization:

- Document tagging
- Metadata and content search
+ Custom naming schemes (Smart Document Names)
+ Backup and multi-device sync with Genius Cloud (separate subscription)


- Email
+ Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV.
+ Any WebDAV compatible service such as Citrix ShareFile, NextCloud, ownCloud, Synology, Yandex.
+ Automatic background auto-export

OCR (Text Recognition):

+ Text extraction
+ Searchable PDF creation
+ Business card scanning & contact creation

The features denoted with [+] are available as part of Genius Scan+ (a one-time purchase).

== ABOUT US ==

It’s in the heart of Paris, France that The Grizzly Labs develops Genius Scan. We take pride in crafting apps that help millions of users throughout the world and hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and privacy. Get in touch with us @thegrizzlylabs if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Genius Scan+?

Genius Scan+ is a PDF Scanner app that allows you to quickly scan paper documents and export them as multi-page PDF files.

How does the scanning process work?

Simply place any document in front of your device's camera and the scanner app will automatically recognize the paper, crop it, and clean up the result to provide you with a crisp and legible scan.

Can I scan multiple pages at once?

Yes, Genius Scan+ supports batch scanning, allowing you to scan dozens of pages in a matter of seconds.

What PDF editing capabilities does Genius Scan+ offer?

Genius Scan+ allows you to merge and split documents, create multiple page PDFs, and import photos and PDF files.

Is my scanned data secure?

Genius Scan+ offers on-device document processing, biometric unlock, and PDF password encryption to ensure the security and privacy of your scanned documents.

How can I organize my scanned documents?

Genius Scan+ provides document tagging, metadata and content search, and custom naming schemes to help you organize your documents effectively.

Can I export my scanned documents to other platforms?

Yes, you can export your scanned documents via email, or to platforms such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV, and more.

Does Genius Scan+ offer OCR (Text Recognition) capabilities?

Yes, Genius Scan+ offers text extraction, searchable PDF creation, and even allows you to scan business cards and create contacts.

Are there any additional features available in Genius Scan+?

Yes, Genius Scan+ offers additional features such as automatic background auto-export, as well as the option to backup and sync documents across multiple devices via Genius Cloud (separate subscription).

Where is Genius Scan developed?

Genius Scan is developed by The Grizzly Labs and is based in Paris, France. They take pride in crafting high-quality and privacy-focused apps that help millions of users worldwide.
I recommend this to everyone I work with. So glad I found it so many years ago. It makes PDFs so good that I rarely bother to actually use a real scanner.
Brandon O'Toole
Simple, it does what you need it to (better than the competition), it doesn't crash and it uses NO resources when you are not using it. One of the few apps that you will keep using year after year. Update 12...
Warren Witherell
Very handy, i haven't had any problems. I use it for both school and work.
Elias Beach
Nice not having to pull out the scanner every time!
Gordon Lin
Fast, accurate, much better than others on the market. Use it daily for work and personal and saves tons of trips to the scanner!
Ian D. Owens