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About Smart Doc Scanner: Free PDF Scanner App

Smart Doc Scanner turns your phone into an intelligent scanner which will allow you to digitize your documents with just a few taps. No matter if you need to send receipts, invoices or other documents and articles this app will allow you to do it easily and quickly.

Smart Doc Scanner comes with an intuitive and top of the line interface, rapid image processing and intelligent contrast modes to bring you the best image capture available.

 • Intuitive and flexible interface allows users to process images with just a few taps;
 • The best edge detection in the market to easily set the frames of your documents in real-time;
 • Ability to set advanced camera settings and complete output PDF file customization;
 • Support for Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to convert from image to text in more than 40 languages;
 • Save document to .DOC format;
 • Smart Zoom feature for fast and convenient viewing of processed documents;

TOP-NOTCH SCANNING FEATURES - turn your phone into a mobile scanner with a variety of features for the best scanning and image processing.
 • Modern and user friendly interface that allows the user to do rapid scanning;
 • Intelligent detection of your documents’ frame in real time;
 • Batch-scanning mode for multi-page documents;
 • Cropping and zooming features to better set scanned pages;
 • Ability to capture images in both landscape and portrait modes;
 • Advanced scene and focusing technologies for clearer images;
 • Intelligently detects and preserves the pictures while enhancing the text areas with Smart Doc Scanner’s top of the line Magic mode filter.

IMPORT OF IMAGES FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES – easily add external images and import them into scanned PDFs.
 • Seamless integration with File Commander for easy and fast file import and export;
 • Ability to save all shots as image files;
 • Support for all popular image formats – JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIFF and WEBP;
 • Easily import images from internal and external device storage and convert them to PDF format;
 • Intelligent integration with DropBox, Google Drive and other cloud storage options;

DOCUMENT EXPORT AND PDF CUSTOMIZATION – Use the powerful image processing features of this app to get the best PDF scan.

 • Enhanced document digitization by using top of the line Optical Character Recognition(OCR);
 • OCR Support for multi-page documents;
 • Spell checking and text correction of OCR results;
 • Keep your data safe with automatic backup and restore from cloud accounts such as Google Drive;
 • Ability to set page size, such as A4, letter and more;
 • Set a page thumbnail as a cover page for your document;
 • Custom PDF creation - copy, move, add or delete pages from your documents;
 • Extract a page from your document and save it as a separate image;
 • Ability to set custom document properties such as resolution, margins, formats, etc. for the entire document or for a single page;

 • Print the document via any network and cloud printers;
 • Set Favorite locations for easy access to your docs;
 • Easily sort your documents by name, size, page number, etc.;
 • Ability to search for a document by name and content;
 • Easily share your documents via your email, cloud storage, Bluetooth, Wi-fi Direct and Social Networks;

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Good and fast app
santhosh m
easy to use and very helpful...
Reimun Jazer Lazo
Best app for scaning, to create pdf files
Thala Pathy