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About theCut: #1 Barber Booking App

theCut is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience.

- Invite your clients & manage your client list
- Keep all of your appointments organized in one place
- Set your location and availability to get discovered by new clients & grow your business
- Accept mobile payments

- Find your barber or discover new ones
- Book appointments & and pay for your haircut within the app using mobile payments
- Keep a gallery of your past cuts & dope styles to show your barber at your next appointment

Much more coming soon...stay tuned!

Scoob the barber in dequeen is 100% the best barber around. He does all kinds of hair, and takes great passion in every cut.
GRI3F Asp3ct
Its great and on time
Omar Dennis
All the barbers can cut hair. But I only deal with my mans Rio. If you want yo hair right then this the place to be...
Kevin Hearn