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About Calculator

CCalc is probably the only calculator app that you will ever need. It provides a powerful functionality and a great user experience. Driven by the motto “don’t make me write the same thing twice”, the complete calculator saves you valuable time and effort. A “must have” tool for every device.

Beautiful Interface
The simple, minimalistic & stylish interface makes using CCalc a pleasant experience.

Editable screen
Making a mistake while writing an expression is common. Don’t bother! The editable screen allows you to fix it with no effort.

Powerful memory
Save every number and expression you want in a convenient list, allowing you to easily use them whenever you need.

Other features
★ Share
★ Calculator History
★ Beautiful multicolor screen showing the whole expression
★ Stylish skins
★ Built-in functions and constants
★ User-definable Formulas
★ Customizable digit grouping
★ Full and simple layout option
★ Landscape mode
★ Fixed orientation setting
★ Customizable rounding precision
★ Vibration
★ Stay awake option
★ No adds

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Calculator is a, free, simple, fast and easy tool for your phone that is perfect for your everyday use.




Calculator is an application which must be in all devices, because no one knows when and where you need to calculate something.

Calculator - free calculator ,multi calculator app

Calculator - free calculator ,multi calculator app


This calculator allows you to handle all the calculations easily necessary for everyday life .

The best calculator app ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗
Nathanael Pena
Really, this calculator is excellent, I give it 5 stars
Ms Rathore
Super super excited to all the best of luck
Uma Makeshwari