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About StreamKar - Live Streaming, Live Chat, Live Video

StreamKar is Live Streaming app for Video calls with strangers and make friends. StreamKar is a live video streaming social Application. It allows you to live stream your special moments.
Full of surprises with random stranger chats, funny photos and short videos, and group live chat.
Latest Features:
✔Spotlight: Show off your special skills to the world
✔Joyful and addictive games like Ali Baba’s cave, treasure hunt, SK Derby and much more
✔SK SQUAD: Now you can make a chat group with your SK friends
✔PK Matches: Most interesting Live PK game

You can watch live video from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Morocco and more. You can join StreamKar from anywhere in the world and be a part of Live Videos Fun and enjoy the live games. Anyone can show his Special talent among your friends and world and be famous. Singing, dancing, eating, chatting, traveling and gaming can be shown to anyone. Link your account Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ now.

Special and Unique Features:

Safe environment & clean content:
■ StreamKar creates a safe environment where our users, male and female, can feel safe and not be harassed or abused. StreamKar employs a 24 hour monitoring service and strict content filtering to enforce our rules and make sure that people can, above all, HAVE FUN

Achieve your dreams and support yourself:
■ Our streamers can go online and fund your dreams by being talents. Thousands of people, especially women, have found a way support themselves and their family using our app. We are very proud of them and want all of our users to see StreamKar as a dream maker

Live Video Chat, Meet new friends:
■ Free live video streaming. Show Skills, Live Songs, dance etc.
■ Make profit by showing your skills to your followers.
■ Share Live Video on social media and be famous.

Live Streams and become a famous super star
■ 24hours influencer boys and girls live streaming on StreamKar
■ Over 2000+ people live stream daily. Make them friends and get on live call with them.
■ Talk Live with online girls or boys all over the world.
■ Sing karaoke and show your singing skills, talk about life and learn foreign languages with your new friends.

Free Video Call, Audio Chat and Chat
■ Watch live video or join any room of streamer and talk to them 1 on 1 video or audio call.
■ Using Multi Guest feature make a group of 6 people and talk to them in group.

Impressive Gifts
■ Show your appreciation by sending broadcasters virtual gifts. There are lots of cool gifts to send, of different sizes. By sending gifts, you gain access to bonus levels and prizes
■ Send Popular, Lucky, Unique and elegant Gifts to your friends and online influencers, boys and girls

Beauty Filters & Stickers:
■ Filters and Stickers can be used in live stream Cat, Mouse, Crown and Queen, Masks and Fancy glasses and much more. Beauty face filter, whiteness, Face-Lift, Big Eyes.

Be Exclusive & special
■ Become VIP and show others your value by getting extra features. Like badges rank boost. Video audio calls.
■ Be the guardian for your favorite handsome boy or pretty girl on StreamKar.

PK Challenge & Game
■ Vote for your favorite streamer and make him or her win by sending gifts. Looser has to complete a dare. You make any dare to her and see live.
■ Treasure Hunt. Try your luck. Many surprising gifts for you by opening bronze Silver and gold chests.

Follow us & Contact us
Official Website:
Facebook: @streamkar1
Twitter: @kar_stream
Instagram: @streamkar

Give us your reviews/suggestions and help us to improve our services thank you.
[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is StreamKar?

StreamKar is a Live Streaming app for video calls with strangers and making friends. It is a social application that allows users to live stream their special moments.

What are the latest features of StreamKar?

The latest features of StreamKar include Spotlight to showcase special skills, addictive games like Ali Baba's cave and SK Derby, group chat with SK friends, and interesting Live PK matches.

Can I watch live videos from different countries on StreamKar?

Yes, you can watch live videos from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Morocco, and more countries. StreamKar allows you to join from anywhere in the world and enjoy live videos and games.

What are the special and unique features of StreamKar?

StreamKar provides a safe environment and clean content to prevent harassment or abuse. It also supports users in achieving their dreams by showcasing their talents. You can also engage in live video chat, meet new friends, and become a famous superstar on the platform.

Can I have video calls or audio chats on StreamKar?

Yes, you can have 1-on-1 video or audio calls with streamers by watching their live videos or joining their rooms. You can also use the multi-guest feature to create a group chat with up to 6 people.

How can I send gifts to broadcasters on StreamKar?

You can show your appreciation by sending virtual gifts to broadcasters. There are various cool gifts of different sizes to choose from. Sending gifts also allows you to access bonus levels and prizes.

Are there beauty filters and stickers available on StreamKar?

Yes, StreamKar offers beauty filters and stickers that can be used during live streams. Filters like Cat, Mouse, Crown, and Queen, as well as fancy glasses and face lift effects, are available.

How can I become exclusive and special on StreamKar?

You can become a VIP member on StreamKar and enjoy extra features such as badges rank boost, video and audio calls. You can also become a guardian for your favorite streamer by supporting them.

Are there any challenges or games on StreamKar?

Yes, you can participate in PK challenges by voting for your favorite streamer and sending gifts. The loser of the challenge has to complete a dare. StreamKar also offers a treasure hunt game with surprising gifts.

How can I contact StreamKar for feedback or suggestions?

You can visit the official website of StreamKar or reach out to them through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also send your reviews and suggestions to the provided email address.
Very good app and a very best way to earn money online
fateha Qureshy
Very good
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Avinash Mehra
Its such a great app
Sibgha Asif
This app is veryy.. Crazable.. For u tooo.. Earnn.. And enjoy lifeee ... So its so good
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