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About Olive: Live Video Chat, Meet New People

Hey there! Say hi to everyone you like using the Olive: Live Video Chat, Meet New People app!

It is a new mobile application for live chat and interesting, promising relations. If you have a phone with an Internet connection, your life won’t be boring any longer! We offer an alternative way to maintain social contacts without tedious correspondence! Olive guarantees high quality video images and an array of cool video effects! A user-friendly interface allows to manage functions in one click and avoid being distracted from chatting with interesting company.

Make new friends in one click!
Choose attractive people in the application and instantly connect to them in video chat! This is a brand new and convenient way to meet exciting people and have fun. Don’t waste time on long written messages and other people's photos in your profile; enter a video chat right away and expand your circle of social contacts. If you have a free evening, vacation, or work break, turn on Olive and chat non-stop with those you like!
Set gender filters and chat with attractive and fun men and women. Find friends who share your interests and conduct video chats at any convenient time.

Select new friends in any country!
Do you know which country residents you want to chat with? Modern technology has erased state borders; if you want to find a new friend in a country, simply check it in the app. Could be that exciting company sharing you interests is already awaiting you! Arrange unlimited encounters and chats in the video application. Link your Instagram account to let other users follow you and like your cool photos and stories! In response, subscribe to their profiles and expand your Insta-feed of interesting people!

Save your chat history!
You can save your video chat history to keep in touch with people and make sure you won’t forget anyone. Give more attention to those whom you find most fascinating, call up old friends and remind of your existence to those who are far away at the time. The application guarantees privacy, so your chats will remain confidential. Your personal data is safe.

Chat with people from all over the world!
Not conversant in another language yet? With Olive, this is no longer a problem. Chat with auto-translation will help you meet people from any corner of the planet! This is a free feature, so don’t miss your chance to broaden your horizons. Today you can meet people from over 190 countries of the world! Borders and the language barrier will no longer be in the way of making new contacts and learning about anything and everything.

Surprise yourself!
Is everyone so groovy that it’s hard to make your choice right away? Use the chat and find out what destiny has in store for you today! A soul mate may be awaiting you!

Use Olive’s effects!
Turn on Olive’s effects to look even more attractive! Playful effects will make video chat more fun and remove psychological barriers, even if you are too shy to chat with new friends. Your new company will appreciate your resourcefulness, and you will feel more confident! Be at your best at any time of day or night

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Olive?

Olive is a mobile application for live video chat and meeting new people.

What does Olive offer?

Olive offers high quality video images, an array of cool video effects, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to manage functions in one click. It also allows users to choose and connect with attractive people in video chat, set gender filters, select friends from any country, save chat history, chat with people from all over the world with auto-translation, and use playful effects to make video chat more fun.

Is Olive free to use?

Yes, Olive is a free application.

Can users save their chat history?

Yes, users can save their video chat history to keep in touch with people and make sure they won’t forget anyone.

Is chat history confidential?

Yes, Olive guarantees privacy and users' chat history will remain confidential.

Can users chat with people from any country?

Yes, users can choose friends from any country with Olive's modern technology that has erased state borders.

Is auto-translation available on Olive?

Yes, auto-translation is available on Olive for users to chat with people from over 190 countries of the world.

Can users use Olive's effects?

Yes, users can use Olive's playful effects to make video chat more fun and remove psychological barriers.
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