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About Biotix: Phage Genesis

Immerse yourself in an epic war for survival, encounter tiny, yet deadly enemies, guide the smallest of beings to greatest victories, evolve and become the dominant species.

Your mission is to ensure the survival of your species.
Use genetic engineering to make your life form stronger, gain new abilities, help it replicate and conquer new hosts.
Discover a new world under the microscope.
Prove your skills in deadly viral fight with other microbiological organisms.

- Universal App
- Distinct phone and tablet levels.
- Multiplayer
- Endless replay value: play with randomized enemies, collect rewards for each replay.
- 5 Upgradable stats, 10 Upgrade levels, 100.000 upgrade combinations.
- Unlock 30 challenging levels
- Interact with four host cell types: Normal, Regeneration, Defense, Speed
- Multi Touch
- Intuitive Controls.

Good game with exploits
Sushama Tiwari
Don't usually 5 star many mobile games, but this one is well put together. Very faithful to Phage Wars, the old flash game that started this type of gameplay, while also improving on it with fully customizab...
Lucky Fan
I love the game it's like every other strategy game but I think it's good like the other and I'm also unbeatable in multiplayer my strats never fail
B1r5COMANDER Unit5537