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About Antidote COVID-19

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to sweep through the world, Antidote Laboratories receives a strange package. You are assigned to study it and WHAM!, get thrown into the frontlines of medical science. Based on real events and loaded with useful facts about COVID-19, the Antidote COVID-19 takes you on a science adventure! 🔍🤠

🛡️ Defend the stem cell against viruses and bacteria
🗺️ Build your own protective maze
🏰 Strategic tower defence gameplay
🎓 Learn about vaccines and the immune response
🧪 Inspired by real-world science

Antidote is fun and its characters are cute and colorful. Yet the threats are real and so are the answers. See for yourself how COVID-19 attacks the body. Read about other viruses and bacteria from the encyclopedia. Learn how the interaction of different cells in your immune system keeps you alive. Create vaccines against the coronavirus and figure out how they work.

Based on WHO’s guidance and inputs from public health experts, Antidote COVID-19 mixes fun strategy gameplay with real facts. The game can’t cure COVID-19 but it can be a potent medicine against ignorance and false information.

Getting vaccinated shields us from the coronavirus. Understanding the facts shields us from misinformation. This is why you can become the shield against the pandemic by

1. getting vaccinated
2. downloading Antidote COVID-19
3. encouraging others to do the same.

Until we all get vaccinated, knowing what we are dealing with, following instructions and taking the proper countermeasures are the best ways to keep our families and loved ones safe.
🛡️🦸 #iamtheshield 🦸🛡️

Antidote is inspired by science and loosely follows real-world biology. It depicts the constant struggle between the human body and invading microbes. The game takes place on a petri dish in a laboratory, so the player can directly observe and affect the events. All 13 defensive units are actual white blood cells and all foes, including the coronavirus, have been taken from real-world diseases. While behaviors have been altered to facilitate better gameplay, their names are correct and the Antidote Encyclopedia contains real-world descriptions of both friends and foes.

Player’s task is to defeat waves of hostile pathogens and collect research points. These enable the player to unlock new and better vaccines, enabling the player to beat even the most difficult levels. Vaccines in Antidote COVID-19 work just like in real life, teaching the immune system to respond to the attacking pathogen without triggering the associated disease. This grants the patient immunity, as if the patient had already recovered from it. It is a worthy goal, both in-game and in life.

If the players want to know how some game element works in real life, all they have to do is look it up in the Encyclopedia. Besides the cells and pathogens, it contains information on medical procedures, biological processes and the history of medical science. While the game aims to be fun and cuts corners in the interests of smooth gameplay, the Encyclopedia texts have been vetted by experts. Furthermore, knowing the properties of foes can give the player an advantage in strategy.

Antidote COVID-19 is free to play. Science belongs to everyone and the development team wishes to spread the joy of discovery. So download Antidote COVID-19 today, plan a cunning tower defense strategy, defeat pathogen threats, browse the encyclopedia and learn about the immune system and vaccines as you go!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Antidote COVID-19?

Antidote COVID-19 is a game that takes players on a science adventure and teaches them about COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria through fun gameplay.

How does Antidote COVID-19 help in understanding COVID-19?

Antidote COVID-19 provides real facts about COVID-19 based on guidance from WHO and public health experts. It can be a potent medicine against ignorance and false information.

What is the goal of Antidote COVID-19?

The goal of Antidote COVID-19 is to defend the stem cell against viruses and bacteria by building a protective maze and using strategic tower defense gameplay.

How does getting vaccinated shield us from the coronavirus?

Getting vaccinated grants immunity to the coronavirus, similar to recovering from the disease. It is one of the best ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Can players learn about real-life biology and medical science in Antidote COVID-19?

Yes, players can learn about real-life biology and medical science by accessing the Antidote Encyclopedia within the game. It contains information on cells, pathogens, medical procedures, biological processes, and the history of medical science.

Is Antidote COVID-19 free to play?

Yes, Antidote COVID-19 is free to play as the development team aims to spread the joy of discovery and make science accessible to everyone.
good game but to short, Can't wait for the next content coming
Kevin Jacob
Best game ever also the stem cell looks better
Al-Rhaffie Patasaha
This is one of the best games I've ever played but are you guys making more levels
Cuddles The Dog
Amazing game just like the last one! I would though, suggest that there would be more vaccines or other boosts like masks. (which makes enemy's spawn 10%less) Keep up the great work!
Ethan T
Fun and challenging!
Adri en
I love tower defense games and as soon as I read an article about the game on iflscience I had to try it. But devs if you wonder why your app os so underated it might be because its hard to find. Even using ...
VR Wizard