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About Mobiliti (NKM TöltőPont)

Use Mobiliti app for the e-mobility services at the electric car charging stations of NKM Mobilitas Ltd.

The app gives an overview of the entire network of charging stations in Hungary. The database is always up to date. After downloading the current database, you can even use the app without an internet connection. Lastly, we value feedback: you can leave a review to share your experience with others about charging stations.

User-friendly interface:
• One click to get an overview of charging stations
• Displays charging station availability
• Starts or stops charging sessions
• Shows ongoing charging
• Listing of charging history
• Payment within the app
• Adding accounting information
• Manage and order charging keys
• Redeem Mobiliti coupons
• Push notifications and history

Main basic functions
• Display charging stations in a list or map view
• Advanced search
• Show charging stations according to distance and your car’s charging details (e.g. type of plug)
• Save stations to favorites
• Detailed info about stations (e.g. price, photos, street view, emergency phone number, etc.)
• Rapid chargers are marked in yellow
• Navigation to charging station

Social functions
• Giving a simple review (like, dislike), or detailed review of charging stations
• Marking faulty chargers
• Indicating new charging station
• Adding pictures to charging stations

If you have any question or need further information about our services please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Developer: Grape Solutions Zrt.

Works well
Szabolcs Varga
Egyszerűen imádom, pofon egyszerű használni. A fejlesztők nagyon jó munkát végeztek!
Martin Dubai
UPDATE: minden ok már! Szeretjük. Ha nem egyedul vagyok a toltoponton, akkor vagy 15-szor kell ranyomnom a toltes inditasra, mert addig sikertelen es hibat dob. Az eredeti app (a toltopont kereso) tovabbra i...
Zsolt Dénes