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About Taxsee: taxi order

This application unites different taxi services and shows the exact trip price in each of them. You can compare prices and choose the most attractive offer. Or you can create an order on the basis of a general tariff and go with the nearest available driver.

Prices are fixed and known before a trip starts. It takes a few seconds to create an order. You can inform about having luggage, going with children or trasporting pets in the "Wishes concerning the trip" section. It is even possible to ask for driver's help: to change a tire, tow your car, start the engine. Taxi can arrive faster if you increase the trip price, you can also ask to prepare the change for large denomination notes.

Order status is constantly updated and allows to plan your actions. Driver's name, car make, car plate number and location on the map, time before arrival are displayed in the application. If you want to contact with the driver, you can call or text him.

The service adapts to the user with each successive order: it offers the addresses of previous trips, remembers the last selected tariff and method of payment. It saves valuable time. Rating the trips helps to improve quality of services and make the service more convenient.

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