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About WasteLand Frontier

8 decades have passed since the outbreak of the Nuclear War. Survivors are trying to rebuild the former order on this wasteland, but will those Ghouls and greedy Enemies around allow it?

As the Commander of survivors, every decision you make will greatly impact this world in disorder. This real-time strategy game allows you to customize your troops. Build your own army and crush all your foes!

[Game Features]

Real-Time Strategy
Plan out your attacks to strike fast and hard. Even if you are in disadvantages for a short time there is still a chance for a comeback. Turn the table and resist invaders using your strong leadership and subtle strategies!

Mining & Exploration
Exploring the area around to unlock new locations. This is a crucial way to collect more resources, discover new allies, locate your enemies, and secure your haven. In wars between Alliances, a clear map will be a decisive factor to victory.

Ever-Victorious Convoy
Your convoy consists of various modded vehicles. Go customize your vehicles. Boost your bad boys with high-powered parts and they won't let you down.

Haven Construction
Almost everything on Wasteland are ruined. The very first thing to do is to rebuild your base into your solid stronghold. Remember: you are not the only creature on this land. Always keep an eye on those Mutants and other Survivors. They may launch attacks on you from the dark when you show your weakness.

Ally Yourself
You can always find survivors like yourself around. Align yourself with them to resist enemies and survive on this land. Or, betray them for their territories and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is WasteLand Frontier?

WasteLand Frontier is a real-time strategy game set in a post-nuclear war wasteland, where players take on the role of a Commander leading survivors to rebuild society and fend off enemies.

How does the game impact the world in disorder?

Every decision made by the player as the Commander in WasteLand Frontier greatly impacts the world within the game, contributing to either the rebuilding of order or the chaos depending on the choices made.

What is the gameplay like?

WasteLand Frontier is a real-time strategy game where players plan out attacks strategically to strike fast and hard. It also allows customization of troops, enabling players to build their own armies and crush their foes.

Can I explore and gather resources in the game?

Yes, players can explore the game's world to unlock new locations, gather resources, discover new allies, and locate enemies. Mining and exploration are crucial for success in the game.

What is the importance of having a clear map in the game?

In wars between alliances within WasteLand Frontier, a clear map is a decisive factor in achieving victory. It helps in strategizing and planning attacks effectively.

How can I customize my vehicles in the game?

WasteLand Frontier allows players to customize their convoy of modded vehicles. By adding high-powered parts, players can boost the performance of their vehicles and ensure their effectiveness in battles.

What is the importance of haven construction in the game?

Haven construction is crucial in WasteLand Frontier as it involves rebuilding the player's base and turning it into a solid stronghold. It is necessary for protection against enemies, such as mutants and other survivors who may attack when the player shows weakness.

Can I ally myself with other survivors in the game?

Yes, players have the option to align themselves with other survivors, forming alliances to resist enemies and improve chances of survival. However, players also have the option to betray allies for their territories and resources, adding another layer of gameplay strategy.