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About QR Code Scanner Pro

.How to make a qr & Bar code?

- Install and launch QR Code Generator App.
- Click on Generate Tab.
- Choose the type of your qr code .Phone. Wifi.Website. Event
- Input all needed fields.
- Click Generate button.
- Then, you will have a nice Qr code that you can save it in your storage or share your Friends.

Features of QR Code Scanner Pro.
- Pro version without ads
- Easily scan QR code and generate code.
- Generate QR code for a piece of text, a web link
- QRcode generator allow you to encrypt personal information create codes for messages wifi, phone numbers, location and share with friends,any time.
- Powerful QR decode speed.
- Create QR code for the message you want to send to your friends or relatives
- Generate code for the directions map where you will go and share it with everyone.
- Create QR from contacts or bookmarks for your friend to scan it on their device
- Barcode scanner allows you to view detailed product information by QRcode at stores, supermarkets,
- QRcode scanner does not need Internet connection to scan QR code. barcode.
- Save QR history, filter support and search your QR scan history.
- The QR code generator can saves and shares code you just encrypted.

Myo Mahar
Very good
Good app 👌
Shon Griffin