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About Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

Truck GPS Navigation by Sygic, maker of the #1 world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app.

Get the most downloaded navigation app for professionals with first-class routing and highly accurate premium maps. Enjoy navigation tailored for large vehicles and trusted by 2.000.000+ drivers of Trucks, Caravans, Buses, or Vans worldwide. Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is the best copilot on your routes!

Try 14 days of free navigation, with all the outstanding features. You can upgrade to Premium anytime.


• All-in-one app with special routing for Truck / RV / Motorhome / Van / Caravan / Camper / Coach / Bus / Car
• Detailed navigation & trucker paths for large vehicles with specific restrictions in the map
• Maps are stored offline on your device so internet connection is not required, works with GPS signal
• Regular free map, POI and speed camera database updates
• Personal routing profiles for different vehicles (height / weight / length / axle and more)
• Optional real-time traffic information, speed cameras database, and fuel prices
• Last-mile navigation, route elevation & low emission zones
• Plan & dispatch routes with Google Maps
• Multiple loading & unloading waypoints


• North America (USA, Canada, Mexiko)
• Europe (with Russia)
• Australia & New Zealand
• South America (Brazil)
• South Africa
• Middle East


• Offline navigation – the most reliable copilot when driving abroad or in areas with poor signal coverage. Works with GPS only, the internet is not necessary. Helps to avoid interrupted services & high data costs.
• Best maps: High-quality up-to-date maps for trucks, stored on your device
• 1st class guidance: Turn-by-Turn navigation with Voice Instructions
• Easy exits: Lane Guidance and Junction Views
• Easy orientation: 3D and 2D Cities & Landscapes


• Set truck parameters and hazardous materials (Hazmat)
• Avoid roads not suitable for your truck and cargo
• Stay US DOT compliant
• Go via the most convenient trucker path for you
• Truck specific POIs: Stops, parking, petrol & weigh stations and more
• Waypoints: Multiple places for loading and unloading your cargo
• Optimization of multiple waypoints - optimize your route automatically to achieve maximum efficiency
• 3 truck profiles - set truck parameters for 3 different vehicle profiles and switch between them seamlessly


• Profile configuration for RV / Caravan / Camper / Motorhome / Bus
• Camper specific POIs: Campgrounds, parking stations and more
• Avoid detours and narrow roads


• Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
• Dynamic Lane Assistant to know the right lane
• Speed Limit Display and Speed Camera Warnings


• Notification of upcoming Speed Limit change
• Avoid paths not suitable for trucks or recreational vehicles
• Avoid Toll Roads on part or on the entire route
• Avoid roadblocks, motorways, ferries, emission zones …


• full-text search, or country / city / street search
• Find and Navigate to:
- Address with exact house number
- Contact
- Postal code
- Intersection
- GPS coordinates


• Import of custom interesting locations - POIs
• Customizable navigation screen
• Road incident sharing with drivers community
• SOS / Help to find assistance nearby
• Customizable spoken warnings


• Smooth Hardware Accelerated 3D rendering
• Vehicle audio integration – Bluetooth or AUX cable
• Graphics optimized for tablet & HD displays


• Live Services (Real-time Traffic information + Speed Cameras + Fuel prices): Avoid delays and speeding tickets and find cheaper diesel
• Head-Up Display (HUD): Projects GPS navigation instructions onto your windshield

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is the #1 downloaded navigation app designed specifically for professionals driving large vehicles such as trucks, caravans, buses, or vans.

What are the features of Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation offers special routing for large vehicles, detailed maps with specific restrictions, offline navigation without the need for an internet connection, regular updates, real-time traffic information, route planning with Google Maps, multiple loading and unloading waypoints, and more.

Which regions are supported by Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation supports North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Europe (including Russia), Australia & New Zealand, South America (Brazil), South Africa, and the Middle East.

How can Sygic Truck GPS Navigation benefit truck drivers?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation provides offline navigation, high-quality up-to-date maps for trucks, turn-by-turn voice instructions, lane guidance, truck-specific points of interest, optimization of multiple waypoints, and truck profiles for efficient route planning.

Can Sygic Truck GPS Navigation be used for RVs, caravans, and buses?

Yes, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation offers profile configuration for RVs, caravans, campers, motorhomes, and buses, along with specific points of interest and features to avoid detours and narrow roads.

What additional features does Sygic Truck GPS Navigation offer?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation includes spoken street names, dynamic lane assistant, speed limit display, speed camera warnings, notification of upcoming speed limit changes, avoidance of paths not suitable for trucks or recreational vehicles, avoidance of toll roads and roadblocks, and customizable spoken warnings.

How does the search function work in Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation offers full-text search, country/city/street search, and the ability to find and navigate to specific addresses, contacts, points of interest, postal codes, intersections, and GPS coordinates.

Are there any customization options in Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Yes, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation allows importing custom points of interest, customizable navigation screen, road incident sharing with the drivers community, SOS/help feature to find nearby assistance, and customizable spoken warnings.

What are the additional add-ons available for Sygic Truck GPS Navigation?

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation offers live services such as real-time traffic information, speed cameras, and fuel prices to avoid delays and speeding tickets, as well as a head-up display (HUD) feature that projects navigation instructions onto the windshield.
Looks awesome !
Larry Arthur
Well I have change my review it does work and looks great. I got some help from support and they fixed the issue of not loading at Al. Thank you....
Jack Palma
Great Sat nav. Estimated time of arrival is rarely inaccurate as you can enter your limiter speed, trailer length and weight and works out a route accordingly. This has proven better than some purpose- built...
Oliver Prescott
I had a major problem of it not working, emailed support 2days later (over a weekend) they sorted the problem & sent me a new download, can't fault at all
Peter Dodd
Alside Driver
Super app I use in my camion and it's very good. But sometimes when the street it's with 70klm/h gps write 110 or 140 klm/ h. That it's funny.
Gentian Mateli