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About Video Monitoring Camera / Baby Monitor - Swish Eye

Swish Eye is the Best app for turning a spare/old Android Phone into a Home Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection. It uses your phone's camera for film/monitoring & you can connect as many cameras as you want.

Set up your primary phone as a "Viewer" and your spare phone as a "Camera" to enjoy peace of mind.


This app can be used as a baby cam to keep an eye on your newborn, a video monitoring camera, or as a home alarm system. Turn your Android phone into a Security Camera with Siren and motion detection.


With this easy-to-use app, you can protect your home, room, caravan, or restaurant. No complex IP configuration is required to allow you to repurpose your android device as a DIY IP camera, Baby camera, Pet camera, or Surveillance camera. Best of all, an android unit is tiny and easy to hide compared to real security cameras.

✔ Motion detection
✔ Live Stream (No limits)
✔ Motion alerts (push/email - notification)
✔ Siren/alarm system
✔ Video recording with audio
✔ Power-saving mode
✔ QR-Code pairing
✔ Motion detection zones
✔ Two-way audio (walkie-talkie)
✔ Passcode Lock (keep your device safe)
✔ Night Mode (see more clearly in the dark)
✔ Trust circle (sharing of your cameras)
✔ Flashlight (see in the dark)
✔ Auto-restart (start camera-mode if phone restarts)
✔ Remote wake-up (remotely turn on the camera)


Smartphones have good hardware features. Therefore we want to give your spare/old smartphone a smart-home app that converts it into a video monitoring camera for real-time monitoring. You don't need to spend money on expensive security cameras to enjoying peace of mind.


With the ("Trust Circle") feature, you can share your cameras with your loved ones. You can give them preferable privileges on how they can control your camera remotely.


We do not store any Video / Audio data on our servers. Live-streaming uses a P2P technique to deliver live data between your devices. We take your privacy seriously.

If you need any help, you are always welcome to contact us at [email protected] or via our website (


App developed by QvD Apps
- Some icons made by Icons8

Some features of this app require device administrator permission.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Swish Eye?

Swish Eye is an app that allows you to turn your spare or old Android phone into a home surveillance camera with motion detection.

How many cameras can I connect to Swish Eye?

You can connect as many cameras as you want to Swish Eye.

Can I use Swish Eye as a baby monitor?

Yes, Swish Eye can be used as a baby cam to keep an eye on your newborn.

What other purposes can I use Swish Eye for?

Swish Eye can also be used as a video monitoring camera, a home alarm system, or a security camera with siren and motion detection.

Is the app easy to use?

Yes, Swish Eye is easy to use and does not require complex IP configuration.

What features does Swish Eye offer?

Some features of Swish Eye include motion detection, live streaming, motion alerts, siren/alarm system, video recording with audio, power-saving mode, and more.

Can I share my cameras with others?

Yes, Swish Eye has a "Trust Circle" feature that allows you to share your cameras with your loved ones and give them certain privileges.

Is my privacy protected with Swish Eye?

Yes, Swish Eye does not store any video or audio data on its servers and takes your privacy seriously.

Where can I get support for Swish Eye?

If you need help, you can contact Swish Eye at [email protected] or through their website

Who developed Swish Eye?

Swish Eye was developed by QvD Apps.
Wow. Wonderful idea and extremely useful for short term recording
Deepanshu Goel