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About Surveillance camera Visory

Visory Security is a CCTV camera on mobile for incredible home protection or baby /pet care. Use it as your nanny cam, pet monitor, and even CCTV camera recorder or night video camera for your IP cam security system. To use it as a video baby monitor or dog monitor for live streams, you need to link together at least two devices (smartphones or tablets) – one for capturing a video and one for watching it.

A wide range of applications:

  • monitor your baby or pet when you leave them alone

  • perfect for using as a WiFi baby monitor

  • know what is going on in the room when you are not there

  • arrange a smart security and alert system: the intruder will not slip unnoticed

General features:

  • Compatible with Android or iOS-based devices

Moreover, with this CCTV camera recorder, you can link together an iPhone and any smartphone with the Android OS easily.

  • Quick setup via QR code

To link two devices together you need to do as little as scan a QR code.

  • Support two and more live streams simultaneously

Need to arrange a video baby monitor and dog monitor sessions simultaneously? With this app, you can do it easily. Need to arrange more surveillance sessions? The app is at your help.

  • Impeccable user security and confidentiality

This home security surveillance and monitoring app provides a secured connection and does not collect any user data.

  • One-time payment

Pay once for this CCTV camera on mobile. And add as many devices as you need for free.

  • Cloud storage

All recordings are auto-saved to the cloud.

Rich features for incredible home protection and baby /pet care (coming soon):

  • Night video camera

Arrange overnight surveillance sessions to monitor your sleeping baby. Or just keep your eye on what is going on in the darkroom to control and stay tuned.

  • Sound and motion detection

Nothing will be left unnoticed. Get an instant alert as the system detects any sound or motion.

  • Baby cry and bark detection

The app detects baby cry and barking and send you an instant alert. Perfect for using as a pet monitor or nanny cam app.

  • Human detection

Enhance your home IP cam security system with a human detection feature and get only useful alerts. The app distinguishes a human being from other objects – dogs, cats, etc. Get an instant alert as the system detects a human being in the room. Perfect for using as a home security app.

Arrange your own home IP cam security and monitoring system with this easy-to-use CCTV camera on mobile. Whether you need a WiFi baby monitor, pet monitor (typically, a dog monitor) this rich feature CCTV camera recorder will get you covered! Enjoy a night video camera feature, which is especially useful for a video baby monitor (nanny cam).

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a convenient application with a understandable interface that is understandable to anyone. No bugs. I am waiting for an update to connect more than 2 devices for the whole family. Idk why is this app not pop...
Dima Sergeev
This is the best home security camera app i is very helpful and give you a clear picture to your phone...That's very easy to deal with... It is veey trustful and safe... recommend everyone who wants...
rayen maccarthi
Well, what can I say. Well done! The app always saves and it's even very easy to pair with another device. And I wish you good luck and prosperity to your application! 😉
Convenient application. Now there is no need to buy a video camera separately. We have a big house and I installed it in the nursery, now I can watch how the children communicate with the nanny, whether ever...
Tina Salvatore
Was soll ich sagen, eine ziemlich nützliche Anwendung. Immer wird in einem schwierigen Moment sparen. Weil Sie dadurch das Kind aus der Ferne beobachten können. Danke, Wohlstand für Ihre Bewerbung.
Larry Smith