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About SudShare

Got Laundry? Just tap and it’ll be done—wash, dry, & fold, and delivered next day. Cost is only $1/LB. Pickup and delivery is free. And your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your clothes are protected against damage or loss with our Garment Protection Program, which is included free with every order.

Here’s how it works:

1. Order
Create an account and place your order. (Feel free to provide any special washing instructions.)

2. Bag
Put your laundry outside for pick up. (Wash-dry in one bag and air-dry/gentle wash in another.)

3. Done!
We’ll pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it, and return it to you the next day (for orders in by 3pm).

You hate laundry, but we love it. We’re obsessed with laundry, care to every detail, and deliver nothing but perfection—clean, fresh, and folded to a T. In fact, we ask afterward “Was it perfect?” Customer ratings mean that only the best washers stay in the network.

Sudshare is a customized and personalized service. Machine dry, hang dry, hypoallergenic…it’s up to you. It’s your laundry done your way. Just let us know in the ordering process.

Sudshare makes life easy and simple. No worries no work. You give us your laundry, we give you more time.


- Do I have to put my clothes out for pickup in laundry bags?

No. You can put your clothes out for pickup in any bag you want—just make sure it’s closed at the top. Most people use disposable bags. If you have air-dry/gentle-wash clothes, put them in a separate bag and inside put a note that says “air-dry”.

- What if I want certain items returned on a hanger instead of folded?

No problem. Simply put the correct number of hangers in your air-dry bag. If it’s obvious which items get hung, you’re done. If it’s not obvious, include a note in “Special Instructions” when you order.

- Do I have to separate lights and darks?

Why would you? That’s our job. Your job is to click and order. We take care of everything else.

- Do I have to be home for pickups and deliveries?

No! We’re all about convenience. Just put your clothes out after you order and go on with your day. We’ll pick up your clothes, wash, dry, fold, and deliver them clean and fresh next day (you’ll get updates on your order throughout the process).

- Can I request a hypoallergenic detergent?

Absolutely! Just choose “hypoallergenic” when you order. There’s no extra charge.

- Who are the Sudsters? Who will be washing my clothes?

As part of the sharing economy, SudShare allows people to turn their washer/dryer into an income-producing asset that saves you from doing laundry. So SudShare washers (we call them Sudsters) are independent contractors who use the SudShare platform. In order to use the platform, Sudsters are first vetted by SudShare. We do an identity check, train each washer in laundry best practices, and educate them about customer expectations. In addition, all Sudsters are rated after the completion of every job, and the reputation system in the platform results in poor Sudsters getting purged from the system and the best Sudsters getting the most work. Keep in mind also that in the event a garment is lost or damaged, you’re protected by our Garment Protection Plan.

- What time do you pick up and deliver?

Pickup and delivery occur between 8am-8pm. After your order is accepted you’ll get a message with an approximate pickup time. But you don’t need to be home. Just put your bags out and go on with your day. In any event, your clothes will be returned to you clean, fresh, and folded to a T next day. In addition, you get updates on where your clothes are in the process.

- Do you do dry cleaning?


- What if clothes are lost?

It’s extremely rare, but in the event a garment is lost or damaged, you’re protected by our Garment Protection Plan.

To find out if SudShare is in your area, go to

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Best App Ever! Give yourself a break !Try this app
Yg Sd
Love the service. If you use a laundromat to do your laundry this service is wonderful! I usually spend at least $20 to do my laundry. I got the exact same amount picked up, washed, folded & some stuff she h...
Kelly Cottrill
great straightforward service. definitely worth it for time and stress saved
Elliott Johnson
So easy! This really helps me stay on top of things.
Sara Blanco
Great service! excellent work!
Te Br
The best most convenient app EVER!
Chrishawn and Madison Otey