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About SUDA Outdoors - Adventure GPS

SUDA is the best app to explore, discover and share the best of outdoor sports. This app is an essential tool for people who love adventure:
1. Need a friend to practice with?
2. Where can you practice your sports?
3. What equipment do you need and where can you buy it or rent it?

SUDA is the app that all outdoor enthusiast need. You will find routes and spots for more than 50 sports everywhere you go.
Follow the Ambassadors and see what the best athletes are doing, follow their suggestions on routes and spots and find reviews on the equipment for your adventure.
You can also find stores related to your sport.

Start using SUDA now and discover amazing places to practice your sport and share with friends!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in background can dramatically decrease battery life.

This update includes two new features that greatly enhance the offline and online app experience.

(1) Offline Maps: until now, when your device disconnects from the internet while recording a route, the app stops getting new terrain images to display on the map. This new feature allows you to download this map data, so that when you record a route, when disconnected, you have a map with all the terrain data.

To start using this feature, there are a couple of necessary steps. First, you must download a map by opening your user profile screen and tapping the setting button in the top right corner. Then, tap on "Offline Maps", next tap the add map button in the top right corner. This will show you a list of the available maps for download. Choose the map you need, and wait for it to download. Finally, you can enable this map in the route recorder by tapping the eye button and selecting the "Offline" option. By the way, this is currently in beta and is restricted to a limited number of maps, but we are planning on adding many more in the future.

(2) Live Tracking: you can now share your live location and your progress while recording. This feature requires that your device is connected to the internet, but do not worry if you lose connection momentarily, the app will store your progress while offline and update our Live Tracking Service when the device reconnects, so your contacts watching your progress will not miss any detail.

To enable this feature, open the route recorder, then tap the settings button in the top left and enable the "Share Live Route" switch, this will enable the sharing button so you can send the live tracking link to any of your contacts. This link opens our Live Tracking Service in a web browser. Anyone with the link can watch your progress, there are no user accounts needed.

(3) Geotagged Pictures: Now when adding photos to your routes, we will detect where they were captured (if available) and show them on the map of your route. While your route is in drafts, for each photo you can select between showing or hiding its location before posting (once your route is published, the location will be removed in the photos in which it was hidden)

Remember to rate the app on the App Store and say hello or send us feedback to [email protected]

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