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About Streamlabs - Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube

*** #1 Free Broadcasting App & Streamer Tools ***

Go live with just a few taps to the largest social live video streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more!

Chat with people all over the world as they watch you experience epic gameplays, IRL adventures, or whatever you’d like to broadcast. To make these moments better, Streamlabs Mobile app can not only spruce up your stream with alerts, but it can also be the best hotkey system for when you stream from a computer.

Gain friends and fans on the largest streaming platforms
Unlike other apps that have you join yet another social live video streaming network, Streamlabs links to your existing Twitch or Youtube channels so you can simply go live and chat with your fans whenever you want! Streamlabs links to your existing Twitch or Youtube account so you will have the chance to broadcast to millions of people.

Streaming, growing, and paying your bills
You can stream from anywhere you want with the Streamlabs Mobile App. Whether you are doing something at home or out in the world, your stream is only one tap away. Swap between front and rear cameras to show what you are doing, who you are with, or what is happening from your POV or share your phone’s screen to stream mobile games.

Passionate about broadcasting and want to make social live video streaming your career? Streamlabs is here to help! We understand that consistency is key to building your community, and the importance of streaming on the go. With more streams, your fans will have more opportunities to Tip, Donate, Subscribe, Chat or engage in any way they choose to support your stream.

Fan engagements reimagined
With the chat preview, you will be able to see your chat feed so you can interact with your fans without needing any additional screens or software. You can also see recent events like when someone donates or subscribes to your channel and you can shout them out streaming in real-time. How cool is that?

Stream mobile games from your phone
From your your mobile addictions to phone tutorials, Streamlabs allows streaming not just from your cameras, but from your screen as well. This can be enabled and disabled while streaming and will only show your viewers what you want them to see, when you want them to see it. This feature is great for broadcasting mobile games, videos you are watching on Youtube, web browsing, or anything you want to share from your mobile device. Get creative and get wild — the next big thing could be few taps and a few game streams away.

Customize and spruce up your stream
Set up how your stream will look using your favorite widgets from Streamlabs as well as camera filters and effects.

Widgets include:
- Recent events
- Alert Box
- Event List
- Tip Jar
- Chat Box
- Donation Ticker
- Donation Goal
with more coming soon

You can also use the app to control your desktop broadcast using the “Remote Control” feature to put even more power in your hands! Just connect using the same network that you are streaming from on your desktop and you can switch instantly between scenes, control your broadcast settings and much more.

Get streaming in just a few taps and start sharing your experiences with the world using the Streamlabs mobile app.

Join thousands of creators in using Streamlabs and go live now!

Your fans are waiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What platforms can I stream to with Streamlabs?

You can stream to platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

Can I chat with viewers while streaming?

Yes, you can chat with people all over the world as they watch your stream.

Can I use Streamlabs on my mobile device?

Yes, you can stream from anywhere using the Streamlabs Mobile App.

Can I make streaming my career?

Yes, Streamlabs can help you with building your community and streaming consistently.

Can I interact with fans during my stream?

Yes, you can see your chat feed and recent events like donations or subscriptions in real-time.

Can I stream mobile games from my phone?

Yes, you can stream not just from your camera but also from your screen.

Can I customize the look of my stream?

Yes, you can use widgets, camera filters, and effects to customize your stream.

Can I control my desktop broadcast with the Streamlabs mobile app?

Yes, you can use the "Remote Control" feature to control your desktop broadcast.

How do I start streaming with Streamlabs?

Just download the Streamlabs mobile app and start streaming with a few taps.

Are there other creators using Streamlabs?

Yes, thousands of creators are using Streamlabs. Join them and start streaming now!
I Love Streambals😍😘❤
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I use this app for online live gaming . It's good
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very good apps
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Awesome! Still have yet to figure it out though, but working on it. 👍👍😀
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