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About Walks in Odessa

Odessa. You are falling in love with this city from the first moment and this love is for a lifetime. You can imagine Odessa as a beautiful young woman who is getting ready for a date. The city is changing views, as a girl changing dresses to make sure, that you will see all parts of it. You will come back to this city repeatedly, to be able to feel that salty sea-taste on your lips and keep as memories sun-kissed skin.
However, no one loves Odessa more, than locals do. This program made by citizens of Odessa for guests of our city, so you will feel welcomed and will have long lasting memories about your stay here. You will walk on streets of the city guiding by a quest game. You will visit the most famous markets and will try local cuisine. Our bloggers and chefs will share with you all culinary secrets that passed in those families from generation to generation over decades.
We are happy that you are here!
Welcome to Odessa!

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The best restaurants in Odessa

The best restaurants in Odessa


Odessa eats heartily.

Шикарно! Спасибо!!!!!
Helen Marchak
It's amazing!
Vanessa Henriques