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About St. Anthony's and Claddagh CU

St. Anthony's and Claddagh CU (SACU)
Secure Log in

- Biometric login provides a quick and secure method for you to log in.

Balances at a glance and online payments

- View all of your balances
- Make transfers to other accounts
- Set up direct debits or standing orders
- Make online payments
- Manage and add new Payees

Apply for a loan and be approved from wherever you are

- The online loan calculator allows you to check how much interest you would pay back on your loan.

- With the online loan application, you can upload your supporting documents and see your application status from your account.

- E-signatures technology allows you to e-sign documents for your loan so you can get approved (and paid) faster!

Manage your profile

- Easily update your personal details and change your password and PIN without having to contact your Credit Union

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User friendly . Would highly recommend
fiona reilly
User friendly app, easy to set up and biometrics enabled, would recommend to a friend
Sarah Conway
Excellent APP.....very user friendly .... great addition to already excellent services .... thank you
Caroline Somers
author easy to use....touch of a finger!!
mary josephine acton
Very quick with the touch of the index finger!!
Marie Colleran
Excellent app so user friendly.
Emma O’Connor