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About Mood: Relaxing Sounds & Sleep Sounds

Improve sleep with many sleep sounds!
Mood: Relaxing Sounds, Sleep Sounds & Nature Sounds free app is helps babies and adults who are having sleep problems.This sleeping sounds, white noise, relax sounds and relax melodies app help you with beat insomnia, tinnitus, relieve stress, beat anxiety, dreams and napping. Relax and sleep with variety of relaxing sounds and sleep sounds. With relax sounds and relax melodies gain high quality sleep you never had! You can use this free app for sleeping, meditation, baby sleeping , pacify your crying baby, concentration, reading or just relaxing. Mood has lots of relax music, relaxing music , sleep music, relax melodies, relaxation sounds and peaceful sounds.

Relax and Calm with peaceful sounds & meditation music!
Enjoy a variety of relaxing sounds & relax melodies divided into different environments. You can mix many nature sounds, white noise, relax melodies, sleep sounds, soothing sounds, relax music and adjust the volume of each of them to create your own relaxed ambience based on your mood.

Baby Sleep Sounds & White Noise!
Mood also cares about your babies' sleep. App has many baby sleep sounds, baby sleeping sounds, baby sleep music, womb noises and white noises for babies.With soothing sounds you can pacify your crying baby in seconds.So you can use this app as
baby sleeper app, baby shusher app and baby sleep instant app.

🔥App Benefits :
- With this calm app relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily.
- Beat anxiety and insomnia with deep sleep music and sleep meditation music.
- App helps you sleep better and stay asleep with sleep sounds and peaceful sounds.
- Relax and relieve stress and anxiety with soothing sounds.
- Better concentration for study. ( Study concentration music app )
- Relax and meditate with nature sounds & relaxing music and relaxing sounds.
- Calm your crying baby with relaxation effect of white noise for baby sleep.
- Relieve tinnitus /ringing in the ears.
- Helps for better meditation with sleep meditation musics.
- App has a relaxing effect on babies with womb sounds and soothing baby sounds.

App have variety of relaxing environments / ambiences :
- Nature sounds / Relaxing sounds of nature / Night sounds (forest, bird sounds, wind, water etc.)
- Anti-Stress music (musician, flute etc.)
- White noise (fireplace, heartbeat, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, relaxing music for kids, fan sounds to sleep ( white noise ), cat purring, TV ( white noise ) etc. )
- Calming sounds for deep sleep (piano, saxophone, violin etc.)
- Relaxing music and peaceful music (guitar, piano, saxophone, violin etc.)
- Meditation music
- Relaxing music, relax sounds, relax music
- Soothing sounds and peaceful sounds
- Traditional Asian sounds (tibetan bowls, chimes, cicada, gong, om etc.)
- Water sounds & Ocean sounds, Sea sounds (brook, river, waterfall, dolphin, ocean waves, whale etc.)
- Rain sounds (rain, heavy rain, roof, tent, umbrella, thunders, light rain, distant thunder, rain and thunder sounds, relaxing rain sounds etc. )

🔥App main features :
- Free application.
- Offline music play (No internet connection needed).
- Works on background.
- Smart timer.
- Mix your sounds between any environment and adjust volume for each sound.
- Relaxing music for sleeping.
- Lots of calming sleep sounds.
- Natural sounds.
- Meditate with meditation music and relaxing sounds.
- Calm down your little kids and babies with the nature sounds.
- Beat anxiety and insomnia with deep sleep music and sleep meditation music.
- Relaxing sounds / relax sounds calm your mind, relax your body and help you to sleep well
- Relaxing music promote your concentration.
- Relaxing sounds / relax sounds help you by covering the ring in your ears.
- Use as study relax music app, study concentration music app, calm app, anxiety relief apps.
- Use as white noise baby app & baby sleep sounds app, baby sleeper, baby sleep instant app, meditate app, meditation app.

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Santosh Reddi
That's great for relaxing and making ambient sounds
Humphrey Dallwitz
This app is so relaxing and overall very pleasing. From someone who has tinnitus and struggles to fall asleep in silence, this app has helped way more than I originally anticipated. The sound quality is amaz...
Andre Wagner