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About Cuto Wallpaper

A nice image is not necessarily a good wallpaper. The one fits is.

Every wallpaper in Cuto is handpicked by our editors, only to deliver you a more suitable wallpaper.

▶ One wallpaper every day with no algorithms

Cuto has no algorithm recommendation, no automatic crawl. We only update one wallpaper every day. Each one is carefully selected by Cuto editors from hundreds of Unsplash images.

▶ Sorted by the way how you look for wallpapers

Cuto already has almost 2000 hand-picked wallpapers, which is an accumulation of continuous weekly updates in 5 years.

Based on the way most people look for wallpapers, we have classified the wallpapers in Cuto by color, theme, atmosphere and other dimensions, and organized them into 30+ compilations, so you can find your favorite wallpapers much easier and faster.

▶ Like it and easily find it next time

Cuto supports cloud sync of your favorites. When you see a wallpaper you like, just save it to your favorites folder. Next time you can find it in the favorites if you want to bring it back.

▶ Automatically change wallpaper

The all new feature allows you to set the change frequency, wallpaper source in the way you like, then let Cuto change it completely automatically.

▶ More features of Cuto:

- Blur: Blurring the wallpaper can make some images more suitable and accessible as the home screen wallpaper.
- Random wallpapers: Don't want to go through 2000 wallpapers one by one? Then just randomize one and see how lucky you are!
- Random history list:Want to download randomly changed wallpaper? Find it from the history list.
- Push notifications when auto changes: You can open notifications to view, favorite, save the wallpaper in Cuto.
- Import local wallpapers: With "Auto Change Wallpaper" feature, Cuto becomes your daily wallpaper changing utility.
- App icon shortcut: Long press on Cuto app icon to change wallpaper randomly with one tap.


If you encounter any problems using Cuto, please contact us via the in-app "Feedback".

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How are the wallpapers in Cuto selected?

Every wallpaper in Cuto is handpicked by our editors to deliver more suitable options.

How often are new wallpapers added to Cuto?

Cuto updates with one new wallpaper every day, carefully selected from hundreds of Unsplash images.

How are the wallpapers organized in Cuto?

The wallpapers in Cuto are classified by color, theme, atmosphere, and other dimensions, and organized into 30+ compilations for easier browsing.

Can I save my favorite wallpapers in Cuto?

Yes, Cuto supports cloud sync of your favorites, allowing you to easily find and bring back wallpapers you like.

Is there an option to automatically change the wallpaper in Cuto?

Yes, Cuto now has a feature that allows you to set the change frequency and wallpaper source to automatically change the wallpaper.

What additional features does Cuto offer?

Cuto offers features such as blurring wallpapers, randomizing wallpapers, accessing a random history list, push notifications for auto changes, importing local wallpapers, and using the app icon shortcut to change wallpapers with one tap.

How can I contact the Cuto support team if I encounter any problems?

If you encounter any problems using Cuto, please contact us via the in-app "Feedback" option.
Perfect Ad-FREE wallpaper collection. It's in Japanese but np! Very intuitive! Just scroll down, pick your wallpaper and CUT it Out. No invasive ads and no trackers - wonderful app! Thank you soo much to the...
Franca Lo Giudice
A Google user
Hands down the best wallpaper app.
A Google user
The selection of wallpapers is FANTASTIC. Nice interface, too!
Vaj Ibay
The most beautiful app I've ever seen. Great content too!!! I'm not sure what the other reviews are talking about, but app/content load times have gotten better over time! App is snappy on my Essential Pho...
A Google user
noahhh R