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About Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest (Full)

Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest is a classic point and click adventure game inspired by the best works of LucasArts and Double Fine Productions!

A lightning strike ignites a breathtaking chain of events, and a blogger follows the Grim Reaper to Hell.

Angelo’s channel suffers from a lack of likes and views. He needs them. At any cost. Deciding to record his journey to another world with the Grim Reaper, he hopes he can create the most trending, most liked, most hyped video of all time.

Unfortunately for Angelo, that world is Hell. And it’s inhabited by people with more than a few problems, who will need his help.

Make a visit to the Devil himself! But be careful because... well…you'll see.

In Hell, Angelo won’t be traveling alone. Even a blogger needs a sidekick.

What you can expect:
• Expressive and somehow slightly familiar characters
• A helluva great looking game with lots of levels, but no pixel art!
• Addictive and mind-blowing puzzles. This game makes you think (unlike other games)!
• Not pixel art graphics! (in case you missed the line above)
• Funny dialogue. A cocktail of humor and philosophy; delivered in snappy soundbites!
• Too many cocktails are harmful, so our lines are sophisticated. Making you smile and think at the same time by using only a few words (like now)
• You won’t forget these characters’ lines, even if you try. Each character has their own issues. (Who doesn’t have issues, right?)
• WARNING!!! There is a chance you’ll like it in Hell and won’t be scared anymore

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Loved this game, can't wait for more. It didn't feel too short and the art style and characters are amazing. It was pretty cool seeing all the references to other characters and items. I didn't expect that. ...
Kitty Softpaws
Good game , funny humour and best selection of NPCs and worth purchasing it. I am already waiting for a sequel in heaven this time like shown in cliff hanger ending.
Abhay Soni
Loved this game
Michelle Hill