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About NTX Apnea

NTX Apnea is a complete freediving training system for improving breathold, awareness and relaxation. Exercises target different aspects of training (e.g. dive reflex, breathold under stress, CO2 tolerance, self awareness, etc.) and support a wide range of difficulty making it an ideal tool for apneists of any experience level. Exercises are richly supported with detailed instructions along with expert audio and video guidance.

NTX Apnea implements the training philosophy and learning principles developed by Marcus Greatwood, founder of the NoTanx Freediving organization and trainer of thousands of recreational freedivers and world record holders.

Email: kociubin[email protected] with questions, suggestions or bug reports.

-Guided Breathe-up
-Halfway Holds
-Lazy Tables
-Spanish Steps
-Crazy Tables
-Zany Walks
-Oxy Walks

-Wide variety of exercises (e.g. easy, medium, pro, indoor/outdoor)
-Customization and personalization of parameters/settings
-In app exercise history
-Exercise suggestions
-Automatic increasing of difficulty based on performance improvements
-Built in pre-exercise warmup/breathe-up
-Audio guidance
-Detailed instructions and videos

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